Chapter 7

Sarah's POV

I was busy eating my breakfast when Miss Fatima approach me.

"Good morning, Sarah," she greeted me.

"Good morning, Miss Fa- I mean, Mom."

She smiled at me. She sat on the chair in front of me and stir her coffee.


I looked at her. 

"Uhm, yes?"

"Please do not force yourself. I know that you are new to this. You don't have to call me "mom" or treat me as your true mother immediately. Of course you need to be comfortable in this relationship but I am not forcing you. I know that it will take time. For now, treat me as a close friend," she said to me.

"Thank you for understanding me, Miss Fatima," I said and I gave her my widest smile.

She hugged me tight. 

Wow. This is a very overwhelming. 

She stopped the hugged and sip some from her coffee.

"By the way,uhm. Fix yourself after breakfast. We are going to mall."

I finished munching my food before I answer her.

"Why? Are we going to buy something or just having a hang-out?" I asked.

"Well, we can have a hang-out. But the reason is we are going to buy new clothes for you. You don't have one right?" 

I laughed when I realized that I did not bring any clothes when I leave Rhea's house. What am I going to wear?

"Ow. I remember. Since I don't have any clothes, what will I wear?"

"Oh my gosh. I forgot." She look around the house while thinking. 

"Aha! I have some clothes that are already small for me. Maybe that will fit you. Is that fine?"

"Of course. As long as it is not revealing."

"So you don't like revealing clothes huh?"

I just make a nod as my answer.


After Miss Fatima parked her car, we walk inside the mall. 

We bought several clothes for me. I just ordered t-shirts, long sleeves, pants, and shorts. 

"Try this one, Sarah. Maybe it also suits for you," Miss Fatima said while showing me another longsleeve. 

"Uhm, is it too much? We have bought several clothes," I said.

"No, dear. Look, those aren't enough. Those are just few amount compare to your old clothes. We have to buy for more. Okay?"

I just nod at her. 

We continue to buy more clothes for me. She force me to buy dress, which I did not like. But she is very persuasive.

"Please Sarah? This really fits you," she pleaded me while holding a pink dress.

"Can't we just buy other clothes? I do not wear dresses."

After minutes of persuading me to buy the dress, I surrender.

"Okay fine. I'll get that dress."

After saying those words, she showed a big smile and clap her hands.

"I told you! That really fits your body!" she exclaimed.

We are in a queue in the cashier when I feel something.

"Miss Fatima?"


"Can I go to the comfort room?"

"Of course. I will wait you here."

After removing the liquid that is needed to be removed, I wash my hands and leave the comfort room. 

While walking back to the store, my phone rang. I looked who is the caller and I saw that it is Dad.

"Hello Dad?"

(Hello Sarah)

"Why did you call? Do you need something?"

(I just call to ask where you are)

"Oh. I am with Miss Fatima. We are here in the mall."

(Okay. Take care. I love you.)

"I love you too, Dad."

And then the call ended.

I am about to put my phone in my purse when I accidentally bumped into someone. My phone fell on the. 

"Oh my god! My phone!"

I get it from the phone and check if it has any crack. Thank god it do not have any crack. 

I open it to assure that it is working.

My heartbeat falls into normal when my phone still opens.

"Sarah? Is that you?"

That voice. I have heard that voice before.

I looked up and saw Mr. Dwyane.

"Oh. Mr. Dwyane. It's nice to meet you here," I said and I smiled at him.

He also smiled at me.

"What brought you here? Are you with Rhea?" he asked me.

That name. I have heard that name again. 

"I am here for we are buying some clothes. And for your second question, I am not with her," I answered.

"But you said WE ARE buying, so it means that you are not alone."

"Yes. I am with Miss Fatima."

"Can I go with you? I want to visit Rhea."

"Oh my sorry Mr. Dwyane. I am not living with Rhea anymore,"

My answer made him froze. 

"Did you just call your mom as Rhea?"

"Yes. And a no to the part that you said that she is my mom."

"Wait. I don't understand."

"I already left her. I am now living with my dad and Miss Fatima. I don't consider her as my mom anymore. She chose her property over me. That is an enough reason to leave. So if you don't mind, I will now go to Miss Fatima," I explained.


I walked back to the store and I found Miss Fatima waiting for me.

"Why did you took so long?"

"There are so many people inside the comfort room," I lied.

"Let's go. I am already hungry."

- - -

Dwyane's POV

I can't believe it! Sarah said that Rhea is not her mother anymore. She also said that Rhea chose her property over her daughter.

I walk fast to reach the parking lot.I need to go to Rhea. 

I need to know what happened and be clear of what is circulating in Rhea's mind.


When I reached Rhea's house, I click the door bell. After waiting for some seconds, their maid open the gate.

"Is Rhea inside?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir Dwyane. Please come."

The maid open the gate wide so that I can drive my car inside. 

As I enter the house, I saw Rhea watching television.

"Rhea!" I called her. 

She turned her head and smiled when she saw me.

"Hi Dwyane. Sit here beside me," she said.

Like what she said, I walk and sit beside her.

"What brought you here?" she asked while flashing a smile on her face.

"I am here because I want to see you," I answered.

"Oh. So sweet. I miss you."

She hugged and I also did the same thing. 

"Uhm, the reason is not just I want to see you."

"What is the other reason?"

"I just want to ask you about your relationship with you daughter."

She stop for a while and answer. 

"I don't have any daughter. If I have, that is only Samantha, but she is already dead."

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