Chapter 8

Dwyane's POV

"I don't have any daughter. If I have, that is only Samantha, but she is already dead."

Wait- what? Is she serious?


"Why? Got any problem with that?" she asked.

I do not want to have an argument with her, because I know in the end, she will win even if she is not right. 

Rhea does like to win everytime, and once she fail, she will not accept it. She will do everything to claim the top even if it leads to the destruction of other's life.

"Nothing. I am just shocked." I said.

"Please do not talk about that Sarah, or about Sandro. You are going to ruin my day."

"I am sorry Rhea. I just want to clear things."

She turned the television off before she answered me.

"If you are going to ask why I let Sarah to leave this house, then I am going to answer you."

"Yesterday morning, Sandro went here. He wants to get back all of his property, including this house and its lot. I told Sarah to talk to her dad, which she did. She came back here at afternoon and told me that Sandro will not get his property if Sarah will leave this house and she will live with Sandro. So I let her. That's it," she explain.

So the reason is the properties?

"Didn't you think that letting Sarah go is a great lose?" I asked.

She laughed my question.

"A great lose? Are you kidding me, Dwyane? Of course, not! A big no for her! She does not even contribute a single cent in my money. She does not even make me proud. Instead, she became a disappointment in my life. She is a trash. She deserves to leave this house."

"Letting her go is the best decision I ever made in my entire life," she added. 

I can say that Rhea hates Sarah much. From the way she talk, from the way she explained all of the downfalls of Sarah, I am sure that she hates her daughter.

"Now, do you understand why I let her leave?" she asked.



She called the maid to bring us some food. After that, she faced me.

"Dwyane, what I am doing is for us. I am fixing all of the mess so that we can live forever without hindrance. Please, just support me. I swear, you will not regret it."

"I believe you, Rhea."


Rhea's POV

I was really upset when Dwyane wanted to talk about Sarah. 

Well, of course I will get mad because I do not want to talk about persons that I hate. 

"Dwyane, it is getting dark. Aren't you going home?" I asked him.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked.

I flashed a wide smile on my face and said that he can sleep with me.

Bedtime has come. This is what I have been waiting for. To sleep with the man I truly love is one of the best feeling in whole world. 

"Sleep well, Rhea."


As I close my close, I feel a lips touches my head. 


Sarah's POV

Me and Miss Fatima are busy talking with each other when someone shout.

"I'm home!"



We run towards him and hugged him.

"Wow. You miss me huh?" my dad said.

"No. We didn't. Actually, Sarah and I are going to bed. Good night," Miss Fatima said.

"Are you sure? Okay. Well, I will just eat this chicken fillet alone," dad said while opening the plastic with box.

"Oh my god! Chicken fillet! Come on, let's eat!" Miss Fatima exclaimed.

"I thought you are going to bed?" dad asked.

"What? Did I say that?" Miss Fatima asked like she does not remember anything.

I just laughed because of their sweetness.


Miss Fatima is now washing the dishes while my dad is in the bathroom.

"Miss Fatima?"


"Why didn't you hire for a maid? With that way you don't need to do all the household chores," I asked.

"You know, Sarah, it is not needed. I can still do all the chores. We will hire for a maid if I am already weak. For now, since I am still young and healthy, I will be the one who will do the chores," she explain.

Wow. She is amazing. She is really industrious. Now I know why my father loves her so much.

"Uhm, Sarah?"

"Yes, Miss Fatima?"

"Can you get my slippers in my room?"

"Oh, yes."

"It is under my bed. It is a violet slippers with floral design."


"Thank you."

I go to Miss Fatima's room to look for her slippers. 

"Under the bed," I said to myself.

"Aha!" I exclaimed when I already found her slippers. 

I was about to go outside when I noticed a piano. 

I walk towards the piano.

I don't know that Miss Fatima is also playing piano.

I start to play some songs on the piano, and I enjoy it. Because of it, I forgot that I still need to give the slippers to Miss Fatima.


I stopped playing piano when I heard Miss Fatima's Voice.

I forgot the slippers!

"Oh, you are here. Why did you took so long?" she asked.

"I am sorry. I forgot to give you slippers for I enjoyed playing the piano."

"You know how to play piano?"

"Yeah. But I am not that pro. Last time I attend piano lessons was when I am 8 years old,” I answered.

"Wow. I am also playing piano. Actually, I joined a band. But because I was very busy on my restaurant, I quit,” she explained to me.

"I can teach you to play piano, if you want," she added.

"I would love to!"

"But I am not that good in teaching ah."

"That does not matter. I am sure you are."

"Okay. We will start tomorrow. Maybe in the afternoon for in the morning I will go to the restaurant."

"Can I go with you?" I asked her while clicking some keys of the piano.

"Of course you can."

"Oh, before I forgot, here are your slippers," I said while handling her slippers to her.

"I nearly forgot," she said. 

"Can I stay here in you room? I want to play the piano," I asked.

"Yes you may. But be sure to be sleep before 9pm. Okay?"

"Yes I will." 

She smiled at me before leaving the room.

While me, I continue to play the piano.

I really miss playing this one. The soft and pleasant note that keeps ringing in my ear is the best sound. 

I remember, when I was a child, Rhea wanted me to be a piano virtuoso. But I failed the audition. She scolded and slap me. 

I don't want to happen that scene, again.

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Gosh the English in this whole book is terrible.

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