Chapter 9

Miss Fatima's POV

"I feel like I'm just missing, somewhere whenever you leave, " I sang.

”We've got all the ingredients, except you loving me, " Sarah continued the song.

"And respectfully, " we both sang while Sarah is clapping her hands with the beat.

We laughed at each other. I just can not imagin that Sarah likes the singer that I love, which is Melanie Martinez.

"How did you discover Melanie Martinez by the way?" I asked her while driving. 

"My friend way back high school introduce me to Melanie. At first, I was not convince that Melanie is a great singer. But after I heard her song? My mind changed."

"Melanie's songs are really meaningful."

"So true, " she said.

After that, the car was filled with silence. So I decided to play the radio to have some sound trip.

After moments of being quite, Sarah speak.

"Can I stay in your office? I do not want to interrupt your costumers, " she asked me.

"Of course. If you want, you can go to the mall near the restaurant to treat yourself. With that you will not get bored, " I answered. 

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Then the car was again, filled with music.

"Uhm, about the piano lesson? We will do that in the house in the afternoon right?"

I first stopped the car because of traffic before I answer her.

"There is a piano in my office. During breaks I can teach you so you will not get bored."

Her faced lightened because of my answer.

"Really? That's nice!" she exclaimed .


We are now inside my restaurant.

"Good morning, Miss Fatima, " the employees greeted me.

"Good morning, " I greet them back.

I remembered when I was still starting this business. It is really hard. Imagine, I am just 19 when I build this restaurant. But now, look how successful it is. 

My restaurant has 15 branches in the country, and for me, that is a great achievement.

"This is my office, " I said as I show my office to Sarah.

"Wow, " she said. "It is very clean and neat. Simple but elegant, " she added.

"You have a good taste in designing rooms."

"Thank you."

I let Sarah to explore around my office before I said to her that I will go outside to assist the costumers and command the workers.

"Just stay here okay? You can go outside but ask my permission first so that I know where you are going, " I said.

"Yes. I will."

I left the office and started to do my job. 

"How is are sale? Is it good?" I asked my assistant.

"Yes, Miss Fatima. Actually, our sales increased by 35.9% by this week. The costumers are also giving tips to the waiters for their good service and communication to the costumers. Most costumers compliment the chefs because of the delicious and tasty food of the restaurant. That's for this week, " she explained.

Wow. I just lost for a week then my restaurant still gone well, and better as what I expected.

"Very good. All of you are doing a great job. Don't worry about your salary. Keep it up, " I said.

"Thank you, Miss Fatima."

After that, I went to the costumers' area to get some orders. This is what I am doing. I also help my employees in their job. I do not want to just sit in my office all day, especially when there is no so much paper works to do. 

I walk towards the table no. 7 to get their order.

"Good morning, Ma'am. Can I get your order?" I said.

The woman looked up at me and I was not surprise when I saw that it is Rhea. Well, she is always on this table.

"Good morning. I have a question for you," she said.

"What is it?"

"How's your stay with dumb*ss Sarah?"

I was insult because of her language. 

"Excuse me. I am here to get your order and not to talk about personal life," I answered.

"But since you already ask me, well, it is pretty good. She is a good person. We like the same things. It is so good to be with her," I added. 

"Really? Oh, I am not surprise. You are both losers, disappointments. That is why you like the same things," she insults me. 

"And so? Atleast I have someone to spend my life with. Unlike you."

"I have Dwyane."

I laughed. Huh. She does not know everything.

"You really think that he loves you?"

"Of course. I can see and I can feel that."

I was about to speak when another voice call me from somewhere.

"Miss Fatima!"

I looked where the voice is coming from, and I saw Sarah running towards my direction.

"Miss Fati-" 

She immediately stop when she saw the person who I am talking to.

"Mo- Rhea," she said.

"Hello, Sarah," Rhea said.

"It looks like these two losers are having a bonding. Wow," she added.

I look at Sarah. I walk to her side.

"Why? Do you have any problem with that?" I asked her.

"Uhm. Nothing. I just find it funny," and she burst a laughed.

I am about to answer her when Sarah joined the conversation.

"Excuse me. We are not losers. You know who is that loser?" Sarah paused for a second. "You," she said while pointing Rhea.

Rhea stood up, "How dare you calling me a loser?!" She shouts at Sarah.

"Don't you dare to make a scandal here. You are in my property, my territory! Watch your words!" I shout at her. 

"Get out! Guards! Banned this woman from my restaurant!"

The guards walk towards Rhea to let her out. 

She did not say any single word. She bring her bag and walk out of my restaurant.

"Boo!" the other costumers exclaimed when Rhea surrendered in our fight.

"Are you okay?" I asked Sarah.

She is now crying. I can't believe that Rhea is very greedy now. She did not think of Sarah's feelings. 

Imagine, you were called a "loser" by your own mom. It is heartbreaking.

"In my entire life, all that I wish is for mom to love me back and consider me as a daughter," she said between her tears.

"It means only one thing. She does not deserves the love you are offering to her."

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