Chapter 10

Sarah's POV

"That Rhea shouts at you in the restaurant?" My dad screams.

He is very angry. Miss Fatima tried to hide what happened in the restaurant, but because there are several people who witnessed the scene, the news spread. Unfortunately, the news came to dad.

"Yes dad," I answered.

I jumped in shock when he suddenly hit the table with his hands. I know that with his moves, he is already drowning in the waves of anger. I know him. Since I was a child, there are only few times I saw him being this angry.

"She is really unbelievable! I already give her all of the properties she needs but still, she did not stop on insulting the both of you," dad said. "I'll confront her."

"No no no. Please. Let us just, forgive her. Maybe she is just stressed that time that is why she said that," Miss Fatima said while holding Dad's arms.

"No. I will not let her to insult you. Especially my daughter. Confronting her is the only way to stop her deed." 

Miss Fatima contimue to plead my dad not to confront Rhea. She knows that if that happens, it will create more trouble, or worse, Rhea will make her revenge.

I know the true side of Rhea. Once you mess with her, she will surely not miss that moment. She treasure her dignity and imagd more than her life. That is why there are times when she stump on several people just to save her image from the mud.

"Sandro, please. Do not let your anger to control you," Miss Fatima pleaded.

"Please," Miss Fatima added.

Dad looks at Miss Fatima's eyes which ia full of begging. I know dad can not resist that beautiful eyes of Miss Fatima.

Dad took a deep breathe and he smiles to Miss Fatima.

"Okay. I will forgove her this time."

I feel relieved when my dad became calm.

I knew it! Dad really loves Miss Fatima. Imagine, he is burning anger but Miss Fatima managed to remove that unnecessary feeling.

"But, if this will happen again, I will not miss it," dad said with a warning tone.

"Thank you for understanding dad," I said as I hug him. 

"You said that she called you losers?" he asked.

I nod as an answer.

"Sandro, she also called Sarah a dumb*ss," Miss Fatima said.

I was not surprised. Rhea used to call me in different bad names when I am still living with her. 

When I failed on something, for example, I failed to top in our exam, or I did not win in a competition, she would call me 'loser' 'brainless' and anything that she can describe as a disappointment.

"She is testing us if we will lose against her. But she's sorry, we are good fighters," Dad said with confidence.

"What do you mean,Sandro?" Miss Fatima questioned him.

Instead of answering the question, he gave a wide smile. But I know that there is a secret behind those smile. I am not sure but I know that what he is thinking is a very good plan.

- - -

Rhea's POV

"I can't believe it!" I shout between the anger that I am feeling right now. 

"Calm down, love," Dwyane said. 

"I can not make myself calm! She just shame me infront of several people. You know what I hate the most. You know that my dignity is the most precious thing in my life! I won't let them to ruin my image?"

I remember when the Fatima shouts at me in her restaurant. She can't play with me like that. It is not because we are in her own restaurant so that she can shame me. 

My anger increases when I remembered that those people in the restaurant shouts 'Boo' at me.

"So what's your plan now?" he asked.

I think of a plan to make them suffer. The plan must be perfect. I need to destroy their lives and their dignity.

What they did to me in the restaurant is unacceptable. I will not miss this one. 

I secretly smile when I already think of a very good plan.

"Will you help me with my plan?" I asked Dwyane.

"Of course. You know that I am always on your back."

- - - 

Third Person's POV

While Sarah, Sandro, and Fatima are thinking of a plan how to fight against their foe, Rhea and Dwyane are also constructing their plan on how to destroy their rivals.

"So you mean, we will sabotage their restaurant?" Dwyane asked Rhea.

There is a doubt in Dwyane. He thinks that the plan made by Rhea will not work. However, he can't protest against her. He knows that Rhea will always win in the end of their argument.

"Exactly. That is the best way to give my revenge to them."

"But you are already banned in their restaurant, right? How can we enter?"

Rhea smiled like she is very confident about her plan.

"Disguise. As easy as that."

On the other hand, Sandro thinks of a plan on how will Sarah and Fatima will show that they are not losers.

Proving that Sarah and Fatima are not losers will make Rhea more ashamed of herself. This is the only way the Sandro knew.

"We will enhance the piano skills of Sarah. I have heard that there is a piano competition on March. We have lots of time to practice," Sandro explain.

"So, if Sarah wins in the piano contest, Rhea will surely be mad," Fatima said.

"Can I do that?" 

Sarah is doubting herself. 

"You can do that," Sandro and Fatima encouraged her.

Sarah remembered the time when she failed to hit the right key during the contest when she was still young, and that is the reason why Rhea looks at her as a loser and a disappointment.

"I will help you, Sarah. We will help you," Fatima said will holding Sarah's hands.

"We believe in you and to your talent. So please believe in yourself," Sandro said.

"Can you do that for us?" 

Even Sarah is still doubting her self, she said a 'yes'. She thinks that maybe during their practice, she can gain her confidence.

"You can do it. We are always on your back. We are here to support you."

Knowing that there are people who are always there to support her, Sarah thinks that this can be the way to escape from the bitterness of the past.

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