Chapter 41

Sarah's POV

It is already five in the afternoon when we came back home from visiting the Montreal Plays Inc. I thought at first that it will be a boring trip, but when we are already in the factory building, the beauty of it proves that I am wrong. 

I actually enjoyed the view inside the factory building of my father's company. From watching the way how they produce their toys to the packaging of it really amaze me. I also have the feeling that I want to watch the process of the production over and over again. I feel the satisfaction everytime I watch it.

While sitting here on the couch, my eyes is staring at the little fluffy dog toy that I get from the factory. Of course, it is for free since the owner of the company is my father. I chose it because of the smooth texture of its skin. It is dog toy that can speak when you hit the black button on its upper right foot. It is also walking but just in a medium speed. The cuteness

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