Chapter 42

Third Person's POV

The police officers are now preparing for they know that in a matter of minutes, Fatima Dela Cerna will arrived in their place. This is the day that everyone in the station and Fatima is waiting for. Today, Dwyane will speak the truth and the information that will surely solve the sabotage case.

They placed Dwyane in the interrogation room. Of course, for the police officers to assure safety, the put Dwyane's hands together with a handcuffs. With that, they can assure that he will not do anything against them. He is place again in the area where he always sat when Fatima and Sandro or the police is asking him.

Unlike the other days, Dwyane is now wearing the orange shirt for the prisoners instead of the shirt that he was wearing days ago. His pants also changed. From the blue pants he is wearing, now he has the black loose pants with him.

"Be ready. They must be here in some minutes," PO2 Lopes co

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