Chapter 43

Third Person's POV

Miss Fatima and Sandro went back to their home after the imterrogation. PO2 Lopez told them that they have to wait for a day or two before the the warrabt of arrest could be make. He also reminded them that they must not tell anyone about the confession that happen so that Rhea will not be aware that police are now doing the process to arrest her.

When they reached their house, they saw Sarah sitting on the couch while writing something. It looks like she does not notice that Miss Fatima and Sandro is already home. She continues on writing something on a piece of paper using colorful pens.

Sarah stops on what she is doing when someone sits besides her. 

"What's that?" Miss Fatima asked.

Sarah looked at her and she was slightly shocked knowing that Miss Fatima and her father is already at home. 

"When did you come home?" Sarah asked.


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