Chapter 44

Sarah's POV

The night passed and the only thing that is circulating in my mind is about the case. I know I can not do so much thing for me to help Miss Fatima and the authorities, but I can not stop myself from thinking several things about it. I am over thinking on things. 

Yesterday night, I can't sleep well for my mind is not at peace. I am thinking several things that could possibly happen after two days. What if Rhea manage to escape from the police? What if the police will not be able to arrest her? What if we all fail? 

I know that over thinking and being so freak out about these things does not contribute any help from the police to solve the case. I am still lucky that I made myself fell asleep before eleven in the evening even if my mind is in war.

"Miss Fatima, where is dad?" I asked her while I am sipping my coffee.

"As usual, in the garden. He is removing the tall grasses," Mi

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