Chapter 14

I was busy analyzing his action. Right. It was my first kiss after all!

Why did he kiss me for powerful beings’ sake? Why? And then he ran afterward like that like a coward—or something?

That was beyond… disconcerting! I should have come after him and give him a lesson or two. Maybe a punch in the nose would suffice at least! But there I was. I was just… still, processing more what just happened some moments ago.

I always thought that when another being’s lips touched with mine it would be disgusting and horrible. But, no. With him, it was quite… wonderful! And my heart was jumping excitedly until now. It was insane. I could even feel the rush of my blood that traveled my entire body. I was not sure how many miles per dot though. I could not measure it.

“Wow! That made you motionless, emotionless and… something… more… less,” Ponpon said with a mocking tone. But he sighed afterward. His red eyes were also bewildered by the stranger’s action.

I swallowed

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