Thank You

Thank you so much to all of you who stayed with my story. I am grateful to you. The story is completed and there wouldn't be anymore chapters. I saw many of you commenting to upload more chapters. I can't bcz the story is completed already. However, I have started two new stories on Goodnovel. 

One is sweet billionaire romance - 'Destined To The Billionaire Who Mended Me'

and another one is a werewolf darkromance book - 'Demon Alpha's Captive Mate'. Some of you wanted me to write a werewolf book and so I am trying this.  

Hope you will check out my books and support me. 

Find me on Instagram: @Jathsam

My Facebook Group: Jathryn Samuel - lostpuppyjs books

Stay safe and blessed. Love You all. 

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Renee Cameron
help I can't find your other books what name to O search here
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I absolutely loved this story! Great Writing!
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Apples Apples
Love this book! ...️
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