Be An Actress?

      Cody loved mac n cheese. As I was cooking it for him, he came running to the kitchen with a magazine hanging from his hands. 

      "Didn't you say you need to work? Well here's a new work for you, it's better than being a waitress, I'm sure they'll give you more money!"he smiled excitedly.

      I frowned and took the magazine from him. I looked at where he was pointing to and laughed. As I kept on reading, I felt intrigued. 

      "But they want a tall, pretty and skinny girl"I pouted childishly. 

      "You are so pretty, just like me! You are also so skinny just like a tissue and you are tall, I hate having neck aches when I have to look at you"he said exaggerating the last part. I chuckled at his words and sat on the kitchen stairs. 

      "Do you think I'm a good actress?"

      "Yes! Remember when you pranked dad that's there a dangerous dog in the gardon who tried to bite your leg!"

      "He believed it!"I said as we started laughing.

      I miss those days. When we all used to wake up early to plan for the day. Weekends were going out days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were for studying. Tuesday and Thursday were for playing. 

      I snapped my head to Cody as an amazing idea hit me. "Coco, why don't we bring out dad's schedule from the basement. We will continue what we used to do"I heard him gasp before he jumped up while squealing in excitement. 

      "You're the best sister ever!" He jumped at me and kept on kissing my face. 

      "Stop!"I chuckled. We both heard a voice coming from behind. "Uh oh"we both said as I rushed to continue the food I was making. "It's not burnt, don't worry"I smiled. 


After 2 days

      I was in the basement, searching for the schedule dad made. 

       I walked to where I remembered I had put it. In the left bottom. I took a deep breath and ignored my weird feeling. 

      I opened the first box I found and grinned. It had our pictures. I sat there admiring them for maybe half an hour or so. I went to put them back, but a small card caught my attention. 

      I brought it out and read what's on it. 'From Connor to-' my heart stopped as I heard a loud voice from outside. 

      There was one thing in my mind. Cody. I rushed outside and shouted for him "Cody" he didn't reply which made my heart beats drum faster. I tried to find the source of that sound. 

      I stopped when I reached the kitchen. I saw him laying on the floor with blood oozing out of his head. 

      "Cody!"I ran to him and held him up. "Wake up! Cody please" I pleaded helplessly. 

      I took my phone and keys and ran outside. I took a taxi to the hospital, hoping for the best. 

      'I'm such a bad sister' I kept repeating in my head. If I was careful and took him with me, he wouldn't have hurt himself. I don't even know how this happened. 

      We reached the hospital. As I stepped out of the car, someone started shouting. I looked at the taxi driver and threw some money in the car. I'm glad I always kept some money in my pants' pocket. 

      How mean people are. He saw what state I was in and still only cared about money. 

      Nurses rushed to me and tried to take Cody away but I caught him tightly. "Madam, we have to take him inside."

      "I'm not letting go of him!"I shouted. "You would take him away from me forever"they all shook their head negatively. 

      "Please, if you want him to be okay, let us take him. You will be beside him, I promise" one of them smiled kindly. My hands started losing their hold and I put him where she asked to. Was I doing something wrong? Was I saving him or letting go of him forever?

      I hope past won't repeat itself. 

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