I Hate Hospitals

Carmen's pov

  "Cody relax!"I wiped his tears away as the nurse was holding his hands tightly. 

  "It doesn't hurt, sweetheart. Calm down"Riven, the doctor said. I smiled gratefully at him as I was hugging Cody. He was thrashing around and sobbing loudly. I've never seen him like that. 

  Riven finally took a sample of Cody's blood after he had calmed down. 

  Then, I asked the doctor privately"Is headache one of the symptoms?"

  He glanced at me for some moments before shaking his head "No, it's not. Unless I would've told you"I released a sigh of relief"Why do you ask?Has he been getting a lot of headaches lately?"

  "No. He just had a headache this morning. I'm just so worried, that's why."

  "I understand but you can't be worried from every move he made or everything that happens. Here, take my card. You can call me whenever do you want. Either to talk about Cody or other things"he winked. 

  "Other things? What do you mean?"I asked confusedly. 

  "Anything you want to talk about"I shrugged and stood up. 

  "Oh okay, thank you doctor Riven"I smiled. 

  "Anytime"I proceeded to walk out, when I was stopped by his voice"You're so naive"he chuckled darkly. 

   "Huh?"I raised my eyebrows. 

   "You care about your brother more than yourself"he came forward and moved a strand of hair behind my ear. I didn't feel comfortable at all. I bit my lips nervously and breathed harder. "Don't!"He sternly said as be removed my lips away from my teeth. What the heck is going on?!

   "I should get going"I walked outside while my hand was clutching my sac tightly. 

   "Wait!"He called"You forgot the card"I nodded and took it from his hand. I don't know if it was by accident, but he brushed my hand in his before I rushed to Cody. 

   "Car, are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost"Cody rubbed my hand. 

   "I'm okay. I just hate hospitals"he nodded.

   It wasn't a lie. I despised hospitals. I would die of sickness and not visit hospitals but I couldn't do that to Cody. It's not fair to decline treating him only because of my hate toward hospitals. I didn't care about my life but I cared about Cody's. He is my everything. 



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