It Can't Be

Episode 6:It Can't Be


Carmen sat on the sofa, still waiting for a call from Riven. She jumped in her place as the clock struck midnight and made a quiet sound. She was so worried about her little brother that she was deciding on spending the night waiting for an answer from the doctor. 


Why hasn't he send me a text yet? Would the results be out by now? Would he call me if they are? I mean it's midnight so I don't think so she tried to think normally. 


She huffed and sat there for a couple more minutes. Her eyes weren't as wide anymore, they kept on blinking each second. Finally, her body unconsciously dropped on the couch and she fell into a dreamless sleep. 



Her body jerked up as she screamed "Little mouse, I'm going to catch you"she stood up as her senses came back to her again. 


Mouse? She was going to catch a mouse? What the hell was she possibly dreaming about?!


She rubbed her eyes and dragged herself to her room. She entered the bathroom and did her daily routine. 


"Yo Cody! Wake up"she shouted and walked out of the room, not caring if he was startled or not. She knew already that today was going to be a bad one. 


She made breakfast and they ate quickly before they ran like psychos to the hospital. "Dear god, why are you making me go to the hospital every day?!" Carmen heard her brother whine as they stopped running in front of the hospital doors. They both put their hands on their knees and took deep breaths to calm theirselves down. 


"I'm sorry Cody, but we have to come here"she smiled at him. 


They met Riven on their way inside and the little boy struggled not to roll his eyes. Stupid Doctorhe thought. 



"Oh hi pretty lady! Hi little one!"Riven said excitedly as his sight was focused on Carmen. She fuddled nervously with her necklace as Cody decided to talk. 


"Hi River cow"At that, Carmen couldn't hold it anymore and filled the whole hospital with her loud laughter. Riven was glaring at both of them as he was giving the little boy threatening looks. 


Carmen had finally calmed down when she realized that all the people there were giving her angry looks "This is a hospital not a cabaret!"an old lady shouted at her. Carmen felt her face go pale as Cody immediately held her hand in comfort. He was the most one who knew what she was feeling. 


"Hey you old lady! You are a cabaret lady, don't talk about my sister like that"all of the people gasped including Carmen. 


"Cody!"Carmen scolded before she turned to the old lady"I'm sorry for laughing too loud, I know it's a hospital and I have to respect the place I am in. And sorry for my little brother's words, he's still a child. Forgive us"she gave her a weak smile as the lady scoffed and walked away. 


The three of them walked to Riven's office. He stopped Carmen and said "See? I told you, you're naive"then left her and walked inside to grab the results. "I have both good and bad news"he said as he looked at her in the eyes. "Cody, can you just go out with nurse Kiki?" He ruffled his ear and pushed him to the nurse. 


"Start with the good ones" Carmen gulped down worriedly. 


"The surgery can easily be done as I have found the perfect doctor for it. "She felt her jaw drop as her legs gave up and she fell on the floor. 


"Cody is sick"she cried. She choked out her words in between sniffles from crying. 


"You already know the bad news, don't you?"the doctor kneeled to her level. 


"It can't be, Riven. No"she tried to hold back her tears by taking a deep breath, but kept on hiccuping"Everything might happen except him getting sick. Please do something. Let me be sick and not him, please"she caught his shoulders and looked in his eyes"Do something"her voice sounded threatening. 


"Carmen, please let go off me"He breathed hardly as he felt something change in her behavior. "I'm not a wizard, I can't make you sick instead of him"he chuckled nervously. 


"M- I-I'm sorry. I don't know what happened to me"she jumped back and walked away "Sorry"she said one last time and walked away. 


She smiled at Cody who was drinking water and sitting beside the nurse. She took his hand and rushed outside. It was a nightmare coming true. 



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