Acting Weird

Carmen's pov

  I was sitting on my sofa, repeating his nasty words in my head. Recalling what he said in his last text. I wanted to... beat him. Just like what I had done to that girl in Charles' company. Oh Charles! That just makes me more furious. He is too much to handle. I hope I won't have to deal with him too much. 

  I looked at the clock and smiled. It was a perfect timing. 10 am. Cody is still at school now and I have nothing to do so I can just go and show Riven how to be a pervert with me. 

  I walked to the bedroom, wore a simple jeans with a half sleeves grey t-shirt and walked out of the house. 

  I walked to the hospital since it wasn't so far. I had a rush of adrenaline and lots of confidence, it was surprising. 

  I walked through the automatic doors, head to the elevator and entered before pressing the floor's number his office is at. After some time, it opened revealing an unexpected person. Adrian! What was he doing here?

  He looked just as surprised as me. Maybe even more. "Mr. Romano?"I said, more like questioned. I noticed the doors were going to close so I stepped out. I am claustrophobic and I can't handle this small place any longer. 

  "What are you doing here?" He answered with a question, confusion lacing his voice. 

  "I came her to, umm..."I rubbed the back of my neck nervously, trying to think of a reason to tell him. 

  Suddenly, an annoying voice called out to me "Oh Carmen! I think you liked my idea and came here, didn't you?"Riven winked at me in a flirty way. Form the corner of my eyes, I could see Adrian's confused face. 

  "Yes I did come but not because I liked your text, but because I want to show you the consequences of sending me that text. I'll get you fired!"I yelled, catching the attention of some nurses and people there. 

  "What did he send?"Adrian asked. 

  "Believe it or not, this guy over here who's trying to sound polite to everyone, sent me a text saying 'Hey sexy, I'll be having my break in an hour, want to come by and have some fun on my desk?' What do you think this text means, huh?"I said with a loud voice on purpose for everyone to hear me. 

  "What!"Adrian said furiously as he glared at Riven"You dared do what?"he stood in front of him as imaginary red and orange flames were coming out of his ears. 

  "I-I swear I don't even r-remember h-having her number, she's just ly-lying"he stuttered as he buried his shaking hand in his white costume's pockets. 

  "Do you want me to show you the text so you would remember?"I teased. 

  "No please"he shook his head. 

  Riven and I were the only ones to notice that Adrian's fist lifted up in the air to punch the doctor in the face. I rushed to them and took his hand in mine, looking in his eyes with a negative look. I felt weird feelings in my stomachs. I quickly remembered silly highchoolers talking about feeling butterflies in their stomach when they see their crush. But this guy is definitely not my crush"I'll go talk to your boss"I glared at the doctor or should I say, pervert, trying to ignore the feeling as I left his cold hand. 

  "N-no please. He w-wil fire me and br-bring a new doctor-r"River cow, as Cody says, begged me, on the verge of crying. 

  "That's exactly what I want"I smirked. For the first time ever!! Believe it!

  "I swear I won't do this again"I nodded my head at him and turned my heels, but not after stepping harshly on his foot causing him to drop down and scream loudly. Adrian and I entered the elevator silently. He looked relieved, either because he finally escaped some fans who were clinging onto him or because of what I did. It's just like a parent being proud of their child finally standing up for themselves. I smiled at the thought and looked at the floor, my mom would have definitely been proud if she was still alive. 

  "What are you thinking about?"Adrian asked curiously. 

  "My mom"I answered simply. 

  After a few moments of silence, he stopped the elevator and looked at me. 

  "Oh yeah, why are you the one taking care of your brother, shouldn't your mom or dad be doing so?"I glanced up at him and then turned my eyes back down, to my shoes. 

  "She's dead."

  "WHAT"he screamed, causing me to jump away. Why would he react like that? Was it that weird for a mother to die? Or is it because he has two so he probably find it weird for someone to have no mother. "I m-mean sorry for your loss"he corrected with an embarrassed look on his face. His flushed face looked the cutest. If I could just pinch those cheeks an- What the heck?! 

  He got silent and was going to press the button for the elevator to go again, when he stopped. "May I ask about your dad?"At that, my head snapped towards him quickly. My dad? Why was he so noisy into knowing everything? Ugh that annoying man!"I shouldn't be asking too much, forget it" he asked after hitting the button. Well, that's better. 

  We walked out and headed for the doors. We were near the public street when I caught his cold hand again and stopped him. He turned his head to me and gave me a curious look. "He's dead"I answered after so many hesitation. 

  "Huh?"he asked as he looked at me like I'm a crazy person. "What did you say? I'm dead? Well, that sounds like a threat to me"My loud chuckle prevented him from continuing. "There's nothing funny about this."

  "Yes there is. The fact that you thought I'm threatening you when I was answering your question. I'm talking about my dad, he's dead. Not you"I said after I had stopped laughing. 

  He had a horrified look on his face. It was worse than the reaction he had when he knew about my mother's death. "Your father is dead?"he said each word slowly. Like he just heard about the death of his own dad. It creeped me out a little which caused me to leave his hands and stuff mine in my jeans' pocket. 

  "A-are you okay"I raised my eyebrows questioningly. 

  "I am. I just got dizzy a little" he looked away before saying "I should"his mouth closed again. It was like he was speechless, not knowing what to say"I should get going now. Bye!"he said faking enthusiasm and fading away. I knew it. When someone who is always calm is showing so much emotion into something normal then they're lying. My grandma used to say this all the time. She was a wise lady. 

  I cleared my throat and walked into a different way, my way. Why was he acting like this? Was it because he was so dizzy?


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