A Disappointment

Ronald's pov

  I was sitting beside my father and Adrian, waiting for a few of the last women to arrive. It only took a few minutes until they were here. 

  I wished Carmen was here. I felt so attracted to her, it was like love at first sight. Pfft, I am silly. There's no love at first sight. Also, I would meet her again if there was a chance, which will never happen. 

  Samantha, one of the ladies, stood up and was a little far away from us. It was her turn to perform. 

  "Father, how many times have I told you that I already chose the actress"Adrian said with an annoyed tone. He had a scowl on and was glaring at our dad. 

  "What do you mean you already picked her? They haven't even showed us how they act yet!"I whisper yelled. 

  "Trust me in that one. You'll love me for my choice"he winked and smirked at me. He looked like one of those demons you see in movies. Well, he was one. 

  "You can't be serious"my dad yelled, stopping the lady from saying her line."Are you crazy? I haven't even accepted!"

  "Mr. Romano, it's me who's going to act with her, so I'm the one who has the upper hand to choose"he said calmly. His calm tone has always surprised me. He was a mystery. Sometimes, he would get angry and sometimes he would stay calm. A person can never expect what his reaction would be. But either ways, he was scary. His calm tone always scared me more. It was like the calm before the storm. I always knew he was going to do something after. 

  He never liked me. Everyone in our family and friends knows it. In fact, he hates my guts. From the moment we met, he has never hugged me or said that he loved my company. We were like strangers not blood related brothers. 

  "I can't believe you"I gave him a glare as he stared at me with nothing in his eyes. 

  A small sound was heard. I tilted my head and felt my heart beats go faster. Did god hear my thoughts? Was this real or a dream?

  She was here. Carmen. I gave her a big smile and walked towards her. 

  "Miss Anderson, you're here" I said as she looked at me with a confused look on her face. 

  "Umm yeah. Your brother Adrian said that I was picked. I didn't know he hasn't informed you yet"An embarrassed blush covered her cheeks which made me laugh. 

  "He just told us he picked a girl but I didn't know it was you. I wish he had told us earlier, at least we would have told the ladies not to come here"I sighed as I pointed at them. 

  "I feel sorry for them. Can you please continue everything? I want to be picked fairly, I don't want to take any woman's right"she requested shyly. How good was she to think about the others when she was the most one who needed the money. 

  "Oh so you're acting kind in front of my brother, huh? Are you thinking that you will be Mrs. Romano? I thought you just wanted money for your brother but now you're dreaming for more"Adrian said sarcastically as he stood beside us. I wasn't in the mood to deal with him. 

  "Adrian, what the f-"I said as she stopped me and defended herself. 

  "No I'm not doing this to be your brother's wife or anything. But I believe that if I took another person's right then god won't bless me with my wish and punish me for being selfish. Perhaps I'm the most one here who needs the money but still, I would give the other ladies a chance"she said as they were both staring into each other's eyes, well glaring. 

  "But you've always been selfish"He hissed. Carmen and I had the same confused look on our faces. What was he talking about?

  "I've always been? It's like you've known me for my whole life"she chuckled dryly. 

  "See? You just admitted that you've been selfish you're whole life"he smirked and walked away. 

  Carmen and I shared a look. I could see the frustration and sadness in her eyes. How dare he talk to her like that? I wanted to go back and yell at him but I saw him in the middle of the room, staring at all the ladies. 

  "We will give you money to last for two months or more. We have another actress. You may go now" he said as he walked away, not giving a care. Couldn't he say it in a more nice tone?

  I decided to correct what he said and make up a reason. I stood in his place and smiled at all the angry ladies. "We are so sorry ladies. At first, we thought our actress was going to be gone for a while but eventually everything turned out to be fast and she's back now. We promise you that we will give you a payment for two months and I myself will find other acting jobs for you. I apologize again"I smiled again and looked around, searching for Carmen. But to my surprise, she, Adrian and my father weren't there. Where were they?

  I walked to the other rooms searching, in hopes of finding them. 

Carmen's pov

  I couldn't believe at first he would insult me that way and then go talk to them like that. Shouldn't he be at least more respectful? He has a reputation for god's sake. 

  I saw Charles' face red as a tomato as he was walking fast to where Adrian went. I was scared he would do something. Without thinking, my legs started moving on their own and I followed him. 

  He entered a black door. I stood outside and placed my ears on it, eavesdropping. I knew it was something bad and I have never done something like that but I just couldn't help it. 

  "You need to have respect! I can't stand your reckless actions. You're with a different girl every night. Your guard tells me that sometimes you don't return back home for a whole day! You have a bad reputation and that's not good for our family! You will ruin not only yours but our reputation too! You have to be like your brother Ronald! Look a-"I heard Charles shout before he was interrupted. 

  "Don't compare me to that coward! I make more money and is much more famous than him! Even if people talk to him like he's an angel and are scared to take a step towards me, you don't have the right to talk to me like that"Adrian shouted back. I have never heard his voice like that. It sounded like he was hurt?

  "That's what you're always saying! I'm tired of your rebelliousness. Just be like him and I would stop talking. You're a disappointment to this family"I was angry myself. No matter how bad Adrian was, a father should never say that to his own child. 

  "Ronald, Ronald, Ronald. The perfect son, the humblest actor, the kindest guy. That's what I always hear. I'm sick of this. I'm so bored of you and mom trying to change the way I am. You have to see it with your own eyes! I'm not the perfect Ronald. I'm Adrian, as you say, the disappointment."

  After a few moments of silence, the door was slammed open. I jumped back in surprise and stared at Adrian. I gulped down at his intense gaze. His face looked hard, his eyes were glaring at me with a look as cold as ice. He pushed me back, making me stumble while walking backwards. My legs gave up and I fell on the floor. He ignored me and walked away angrily. 

  I saw Ronald running towards me. He helped me up and asked me what happened. I glared at Charles who was still inside the room and walked towards him, without answering Ronald's question. 

  I stood in front of him as he just noticed my existence. 

  "You know Mr. Romano, I never thought you would be this mean. No one would think that the kind man behind the tv would be this mean to his child. Calling your child things as a disgrace, a disappointment and comparing him with his brother is the worst thing you can do. You maybe don't realize how hurtful it is to him or perhaps you haven't heard the pain in his voice that he was trying to hide. No matter how bad he is, never talk to him like that. You should show him how to be good and teach him a lesson. My dad was my hero and hearing a dad talking to his son like that isn't something interesting. I rather call it disgusting Mr. Romano"I glared at him. 

  His mouth kept opening and closing like a fish struggling to breath. He was red in embarrassment or maybe anger. He looked speechless. Finally, when I decided to walk away which I wish I've done sooner, a hand was slammed on my cheek. 

  I groaned from the burning feeling as I heard Ronald shout at his dad and take me away. 

  He walked me down the stairs and lead me outside, where I saw Adrian smoking his anger away. 

  Ronald stopped walking and stood in front of me. "Are you okay?"he asked as he held my face in his hand and was rubbing my cheek. I nodded at him. He gazed at me for some seconds before walking again. 

  I looked at the terrace-like porch where Adrian was standing. Our eyes met as he looked at us in curiosity. He glared at my and Ronald's intertwined hands and smoked more. 

  As I was walking and staring into his eyes, I removed my hands away from Ronald's and put them in my pocket. Ronald didn't realize as he was talking with a man, probably a guard. I noticed the corner of Adrian's lips lift upwards. Was it a smile or a smirk? He suddenly frowned at he was looking at me. Perhaps, he might've seen my extremely red cheek. I was sure it was red as blood. 

  I didn't care that as I was getting further, it was hard to look at him. I kept on tilting my head to his direction. 

  Even though he is a jerk, I now know why he is one. He isn't treated right by his parents, well maybe just his dad and that's the worst thing that can happen to a person. 

  I gave him the prettiest smile I could muster and entered the car with Ronald. I removed my eyes as the car sped away and laid my head on the window. 

  What is this feeling that I'm having every time I see him?


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