Under Arrest

   “Carms! You have to see this! Look, our team won”Liam ran into Carmen’s room shouting. “Your mom told me you’re sick but I didn’t think you are that tired sweetie”he walked to her bed and sat down next to where she was lying. 

  “Hey Lily”She smiled weakly. He was never bothered by that childish nickname, he was used to hearing it from Carmen. “I’ve been wishing you were here so we would watch it together.”

  “I wanted to watch it with you but we were at Jack’s so we watched it there”he said as he turned off his phone and placed it in his pocket. “I know the one thing that can make you stop acting like you’re sick, you liar!”he stared at her with his evil eyes. 

  “Oh my god how do you know I’m not actually sick!”She jumped up and widened my eyes at him

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