Chapter Three

Stolas focused on the winding road in front of him as he navigated Eli’s van in the fading sunlight. His mind going to the pretty werewolf and Abby’s twin, he tried not to listen to the softly spoken conversation going on behind him. It was next to impossible to not hear Owen and Eli talking.

“I feel like I do with Abby.” Eli said and Stolas peeked into the review mirror at the wolf. “What did you do?”

“The demon marked you, claimed you as one of mine.”  

“Is it like a mate bond?” Eli asked as he sat across from Owen, his back pressed against the door of the band. Fingers picking at a drum case as he tried to focus on anything but the man that he now felt drawn to.

“Yes and no, it will fade over time if I don’t feed from you again.”  

Stolas tried to tear his attention away from the conversation once again, thinking about what Sam had said. Annie was Candy’s mate, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. He was drawn to the delicate-looking redhead. She may have been Abby’s twin, but there were obvious differences between the two women.

Where Abby was all curves, Annie was delicate almost fragile looking. Like a harsh word or a strong wind would tear her apart. Her hair was dyed a darker shade, her roots peaking through, and he couldn’t help but wonder how she would look under his and Candy’s love and care.  

Would she flourish?  

Stolas could almost imagine how her smile would bloom across her face like a sunflower greeting the sun, he longed to be that sun for her. For himself and Candy to help her bloom, to take the sadness from her eyes and replace it was happiness.  

“What will we tell Drake?” Eli asked, pulling Stolas’ attention back to the drama unfolding behind him.

“The truth,” Owen said with a tired sigh. “That my demon took over, and now you're mine.”  

“Yours?” Eli asked as he tapped his foot against Owen’s.

“Yes mine, just as Drake is. Are you playing footsie with me?”  

“Yes. Does that mean that you and I?” He said, waggling his eyebrows at Owen.

“Is that all you think about?” Owen said, trying not to think about how Eli had moaned in the alleyway as he sank his fangs into his tender throat.  

“Yes.” Eli chuckled. “Well, that and music, and Abby.”

Stolas shook his head as he drove, trying to block out the soft mummer of their voices as he wondered what Annie and Candy were doing.


Candy looked down at Annie. After she had cried herself out she had fallen into a fitful sleep. Running her hand through the coppery red strands Candy couldn’t help but worry about her mate, she hoped she could figure out away to help her. Maybe she would talk to her mother about it? She was the pack’s doctor. Hopefully, she would have some insight that would help her mate.

The door down stair slammed and Candy jumped, looking down at Annie as the bed bounced slightly. Candy thought for a moment about letting Annie sleep, she knew that if it were her though. She would rather know that everything had worked out. “Annie, Annie.” She said, resting her hand on her mate’s thin shoulder. “Drake and the others are here.”

Annie stirred, rubbing her eyes as she looked up at Candy.

“Do you think she’s okay?”  

“I bet she is. She’s Drake’s mate, I know he wouldn’t be home unless they found her.” Candy answered holding her hand out to Annie.

Placing her hand in Candy’s, Annie blushed. Beau had never been tender with her like this. She felt the sparks again as Candy helped her sit up. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized that Candy cared about her. More than Beau ever could just by how she had treated her in the few hours that they had known each other.

“Are you okay?” Candy asked, taking in Annie’s wide eyes and parted lips.

“I’m fine.” Annie said, pulling her hand from Candy’s. She moved to the door and Candy followed. She longed to touch Annie again. Her fingers itched with the urge to rest her hand on Annie’s lower back as she followed her out into the hallway. They made their way downstairs, Eli stood greeting the pack. He looked up, his eyes moving from Annie’s to Candy’s and he gave her a slight nod.

“She’s okay.” Candy whispered into Annie’s ear, her lips brushing against the shell of her ear. Annie shivered and Candy smiled to herself. She wondered if Annie would one day accept her.  

Eli moved past the other pack members and up the stairs. “Why don’t you come with me?” He said to Annie.  Candy let out a soft growl at her friend and Eli’s eyes widened slightly before he looked at his friend and band mate. “Why don’t you both come with me?” He raised an eyebrow at Candy as he turned around, not letting his friend see the smile on his face.  

Candy placed her hand on Annie’s lower back, guiding her down the stairs and towards the front door. She smiled when Annie gave her a soft, shy smile.


Stolas looked away from the witches and the power that he felt pulsing around them. Sam was focused on Abby and not paying him any attention. His eyes moved to the porch and he saw them.  

Annie and Candy.  

Stolas’ breath caught in his throat at the sight of them and he wanted to move forward. To sweep them both up into his arms, to feel their soft breasts pressed against him. He knew that he couldn’t. Not yet, he couldn’t explain the pull he felt to Annie. The desire he felt to protect her.  

To heal her.  

With Candy it was different, she didn’t need someone to heal her. Stolas could almost imagine what her lips would feel like against his own as he fought him for control.  

“Stop staring, it’s creepy.”

“Hmm?” Stolas asked, looking back at Sam.

“You’re eye fucking them. You’ll scare them away.” Sam said with a roll of his eyes.

“Was not. Way to judge, even when she’s unconscious you can’t look away from Abby.”  

“Don’t talk about Abby.” Sam grumbled, tossing a glare at his friend.  

“I’m not.” Stolas smirked, “But I could be.”  

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