Chapter Four

 Annie watched the witches chant around her sister, she could feel the magic pulse around them. Abby lay still in the circle, her eyes closed. She looked peaceful in sleep; the moon was just beginning to shine and it made her sister look otherworldly. Annie felt a hand sneak into her own, threading with her fingers, and she looked up at Annie. Smiling softly at the strength that the woman was trying to lend her.  

It made her heart beat faster; she was beginning to have feelings for the wolf. Candy didn’t look like she would be the affectionate type to Annie, with her wild pink streaked blue hair. Her arms were bare in the tank top she had on, showing arms that were muscular from beating away at her drums. Her shorts didn’t do much to cover up legs that were toned and strong from hours spent running.

Annie couldn’t help but wonder if the skin of her legs would be soft and smooth if she touched them. She blushed at the thought. It was strange for her to feel this way; she shook off the thought. After all her first lover had been a werewolf, stranger things happened. So what if the one she was thinking about now was a woman? Hormones were a crazy thing, and pregnancy ones had her feeling a whirlwind of emotions she wasn’t used to.

Turning away, Annie looked back at Abby. Watching the glowing light encircle her sister and the witches, before popping like a bubble. Coating them with fine sparkles of light that reminded her of sparklers and fireworks.  

“It’s so pretty,” Candy whispered, Annie smiled at the wonderment in her voice.  

“It is, isn’t it?” Annie bit her lower lip and looked back at Candy, her breath catching in her throat at the way the lights danced across her skin. She finally admitted to herself that she was drawn to the wolf. Something about Candy made it feel like the air was sucked from the room when she was around her.  

Turning back to look at Abby, Annie smiled as the witches broke the circle and her mates went to her. She cringed when she saw Sam, her face flaming in embarrassment at his earlier words when he had brought her to the pack house.

Sam had looked between Candy and Annie, “Oh this is rich. At least you and your sister will stay within the same pack.”

“You said you’d help Abby, you plan to send us back with Beau?” Annie had felt fear well up in the pit of her stomach at the thought.  

“Not what I meant,” Sam had said with a shrug, “Let’s just say you won’t be going back home after this.” 

Annie looked down with a small smile as she thought about Annie hugging her. She squeezed Candy’s hand softly as she realized what Sam had meant.  

They would be staying in the same pack.  

Their mates were in the same pack and from the way the two dark-haired men clung to her sister’s side, she could tell that they were her mates. Sam pushed the two men aside and the one with longer hair to the side along with the alpha as he lifted Abby into his arms. Her sister slumping against him as she wrapped her fingers in the back of his shirt.  

A small Latina woman with a warm smile stepped closer to Abby.

Candy gave Annie’s hand a quick squeeze. “That’s my mom.”  

Annie smiled at the pride she could hear in her mate’s voice as she spoke about her mother.  

“She looks nice.”

“She is, she’s a hard ass and that’s where I get it from.” Candy said smiling over at Annie.  

Annie bit her lip thinking about her own parents, the pack and the coven they were tied with. She couldn’t help but worry they would come and try and take her and the babies home.  Annie hoped Candy would be able to accept the babies. She didn’t think she would be able to handle it if her mate didn’t.  

What if anyone came looking to take her back home? Or the children, once they realized that she wouldn’t be returning?

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