Chapter Eight

 “I, I-“ Annie stammered as Candy’s honey-colored eyes met hers.

“You?”  Candy asked, her lip twitching into a smirk as she felt her body responding to being close to her mate.  The need to touch her had her fingers itching and her pulse racing.

“I was just going to ask where the shower was?”  Annie said biting her lip as a blush covered the tops of her cheeks.

“Was that all you needed?”  Candy asked as she bit her lower lip, a mischievous look in her eyes as she stepped closer to Annie. She brought her hands to Annie’s waist.

“Yes,”  Annie hissed out.  Her body pulsing with need as she brought her hands up, tangling them in Candy’s colorful strands.  She pressed her lips against Candy’s the kiss was a battle for dominance one that Candy easily accepted and relished in as Annie took control.  Annie’s tongue lapped at the seam of her lips and Candy parted them with a moan, she gripped Annie’s hips.  Fingers flexing with the desire to take her mate right there.  Candy followed Annie’s tongue, exploring the warm recess of her mouth.  Her hands moved over her mate’s hips to squeeze her ass and pull her closer.  

Annie moaned at the feel of her breasts pressing against Candy’s as she walked them into Candy’s room.  Kicking the door closed behind them as she went.  Her fingers moving to undo the sash of Candy’s robe as her lips trailed down her chin, nipping at the smooth olive hued skin.  

“Please?” Annie whispered against her skin as another moan slipped from Candy’s lips.  The need that Annie felt was so great.  She had felt need before, but never this desperate.  Never like she was drowning.

“Annie,” Candy whimpered as her mate gently nipped at the sensitive spot below her earlobe.  Before trailing her nose across her skin, breathing her in like she was a drug.

“I want you.”  Annie panted as she took her lobe between her teeth.  Her hand trailing down Candy’s side as she pushed open her robe.  Fingers trailing over her thin sleep shirt as she cupped her breast.  Brushing her thumb over Candy’s hard nipples.  She bit gently on the lobe before releasing it and kissing her way over to her mate's collar bone.

“Annie,” Candy moaned out, lost in the sensations as her mate rolled her nipples between her fingers her lips, teeth, and tongue exploring her flesh as she moved lower.  

Candy moved, tangling her fingers in the strands of Annie’s hair, pulling her lips away from her heated flesh as she crashed her lips against her mates.  She turned them towards the bed as she pulled back to drag Annie’s shirt over her head exposing her pale freckled skin.  Bringing her hands down to push Annie’s slacks down, leaving her mate in a simple pair of cotton panties and a bra.  

“Lay back on the bed,”  Candy all but growled, her eyes glowing with the warm amber color of her wolf. It shot a thrill of desire through Annie and she did as she was told.  Laying back against the pillows, she watched as Candy pushed her robe off and pulled her shirt up, dropping it to the floor as she revealed her toned muscular body.  Annie studied her mate as the woman pushed her panties down her hips, revealing a neatly trimmed patch of dark curls which glistened in the moon’s soft light.

“Please,”  Annie whimpered, biting her lower lip.  Her body already pulsing with need.  Wetness pooled at her core as she trembled before her soon to be lover.  

“Oh, I’ll give you what you need.”  Candy growled as she got onto her knees.  Her hands skimming up Annie’s long legs, tracing a path with her lips and tongue.  She bit her gently behind her knee, enjoying the delicious moan that slipped from Annie’s lips.  Trailing her fingers up her thighs until there were resting against the damp material of Annie’s panties, she pressed her fingers down as she settled herself between her mate's legs.  “You’re so wet.”  

Annie blushed and brought her hands up to cover her face as she felt the warm breath tickling along her inner thigh.  Letting out a gasping sob as Candy’s lips moved closer to her center as she pulled the thin material out of her way.  She breathed in the scent of her mate's arousal, letting it wrap itself around her senses.  Candy grasped the fabric in her fingers and ripped it away, smiling to herself at her mate's soft gasp.  She pressed the pads of her thumbs against her mate's nether lips, holding her open so she could see the glistening folds coated in her honey.  

Candy’s eyes met Annie’s over the swell of her swollen stomach as she leaned forward.  Tongue pressing flat against the tight bundle of nerves that made Annie toss her head back against the pillows.  She lapped at her mate again, this time her tongue moving quicker as she found a rhythm that had Annie rolling her hips and panting her name.  It was a sound that Candy knew she would never tire of. Her body was tight with the arousal she felt as Annie’s thighs trembled.  Dragged her nails over Annie’s thighs, Candy marveled in the way her mate responded.

She thrust a finger inside of her slick channel, listening to Annie’s moans turned into pants as she worked her tongue faster.  She could feel the flutters of Annie’s vaginal walls as she added another finger and curled them up.  Pressing against that soft spongy hardness that made Annie’s moans turn into a beg.  Candy kept up the pace as the room filled with the scent of their sex, she brought her other hand up playing with Annie’s breast plucking at the nipple gently.

“Candy, I’m going to come.”  Annie gasped out and Candy worked her fingers faster as she lashed her clit with her tongue.  

Annie closed her eyes, her fingers clenched in the bedding as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her.  Candy removed her fingers.  Lapping at her core, and Annie bit back a sob as she realized what happened with Beau was a pale comparison of what she had just experienced.  Her body had never trembled under his touch and before she had always been left wanting.  Tears filled her eyes and she couldn’t help the sob that escaped her as Candy stilled between her legs.

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