Chapter Ten

Annie straightened the borrowed shirt that Drake had brought her as she followed Candy.  Her nerves were frayed and she really didn’t want to go into the clinic.  

Didn’t want to face the physical proof on the screen that she was pregnant.  The flutters and strange alien movements were enough for her.  The ultrasound that she had done over a month ago was more than enough proof for her.  

Asking the pack’s doctor to keep her secret had been a gamble, it was one she was glad she had taken.

Beau’s response to her pregnancy hadn’t been a joyous thing.  Not that she had expected it to be.  He had never raised his hand to her, but when she had told him it was the first time she had been afraid that he might strike her.  

Sure, he had been rough with her.  At that moment though as

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goodnovel comment avatar
These guys better tread lightly about Annie before Candy chokes one of them???.
goodnovel comment avatar
I love when I read your chapters..feels like your right there with them..Cant wait to see how Annie handles seeing her babies on the monitor...and how Candy will handle her mom (relationship being excepted or mothers denial)...
goodnovel comment avatar
Jane Knight
Not wrong and I have a plan for Doc, so no spoilers ;) Thank you for reading and commenting <3

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