Chapter 2

Since the accident I’m starting to change even my personality and attitude then a rumors started to spread inside and outside of the duke mansion. I am the only daughter and the youngest sibling of the Duke Leerstrom family. I have a three older brother; one is my twin but consider my older brother for he came first before me. The first son and the successor of the duke title, Terrence Leerstrom. The most responsible and strict brother as what the novel says so. Second son, Tyler Leerstrom, the happy go lucky and always smiling person of the Leerstrom family, and the last but not the least, the naughty son, twin of Claire, Clarence Leerstrom.

           We aren’t close in the past. However, I’m determined to change that fate. I will be happy together with my family not like the previous life that we are regretting for not showing and telling how we love each other. Though the age gap is not that big after all. The age gap between the first and second son is just one year, the second and the third child, which us the twins are two years. Three years if it is from the first son of the Leerstorm family.

           “Lady Claire, the dinner is ready,” a maid came in the library.

           “Oh thank you,” putting the book away and stand up, “Are my brothers coming joining us in the dinner?”

           “Yes, my lady. They are already on the dining. They are waiting for you.”

           “Really? Then let’s go already!” I excitedly said and almost run downstairs.

           I wonder what will be the feeling acting like the little sister I should. Brother Terrence is helping father in managing our knights and other state affairs while my mother is the one who manages the internal affairs in this mansion. Brother Tyler and my twin brother Clarence are working for the second prince. I opened the door to the dining and saw my three brothers standing facing their back on me.

           “Brothers! I miss you!” lounging myself in them. I jump in their back and hug them.

           “Miss us? That’s new,” brother Tyler said.

           “Did your head bump that hard for you to say those creepy things?” my twin brother smirks.

I put some distance in us. They turn and face me. I know that in the past they always scold me and I start my tantrum for I thought I was being bully for them. I misunderstood that. They only want me to be safe and have a happy life. They love me but they never say because they thought my head will get bigger than it was or are they shy to say. I laugh softly in my mind in that kind of thought.

“How come you miss us? We only gone for a couple of hours and went home in evening,” Brother Terrence said.

“Well, we never had a dinner that we are complete. I mean, I miss those days we eat completely,” playing my fingers while looking on the ground., “Aren’t I have the right to do so?”

I startled when someone suddenly hugs me, “Aww… why are you acting so cute now, little sister?” brother Tyler said.

           I just giggled and hug back while smiling sweetly, “I love my brothers, I love this family. I won’t let something bad happened to this family.”

           Brother Tyler look at me shockingly. I took a peek on his back and my other two brothers as well as our parents look at me astonishingly.

           “Did I say something wrong?”

           “Why are you saying that we will be gone,” father said.

           Yes, you were gone once father. I can’t let that happened again. This time, I’ll be stronger and fight back to whoever wants to diminished us. I’m not the same in my previous life.

           “Nothing father, I just realize that we are not eating in the dinner like a complete family should have lately. Brothers coming home late, I just wonder if they hate me.”

           My three brothers gasp. For the first time in my life I saw their faces having that kind of expression.

           “Silly! You’re our always little sister no matter what. Why should we hate you?” brother Terrence said warmly and pat my head.

           “Yeah, first brother is right. Also, you’re my one and only twin sister. I will never hate you though you’re a bit out of hand sometimes,” brother Clarence laugh.

           “We will always be your brothers, Claire. Remember that,” brother Tyler smile warmly.

           I can’t stop my tears anymore and they drop one after another, “I really love you brothers,” I cried.

           The three of them encircle and hug me while I’m at the center. My parent came over us and join our group hug.

           “My, my, my. You only love your brothers Claire?” my father teasing me.

           “Of course, I love you mother, father. I love this family,” I giggle.

           “We love you the most Claire,” mother said lovingly.

           My stomach suddenly growls out of nowhere. We silent for a moment and start laughing. We walk and sit in our chair and start eating while talking something. The days passed by peacefully. I’m taking down notes on what will happened based on my memory of my previous life with their timeline. Now I remember, I was set up so many times but I didn’t notice. Goodness, am I that stupid really?

           Also, the accusations of my family weren’t true. Someone already planned this a long time ago. It was really perfectly clean plan to set me and my family. I wonder what happened to the second prince after everything happened to us. I never got any news afterwards or should I say I isolated myself. After I wrote down everything that is important I hid those papers in the draw of my desk under the books on it.

           “Claire,” father call while knocking on the door.

           “Yes father?” I answer.

The door swung open and my father enter then close the door, “I’m going to the palace. You want to come?”

           “Palace? What are you going to do there? father”

           “The king ask my presence. We will discuss something important as what he said in the letter I received.”

           “Is my presence also been asked?”

           “Nope. I’m just inviting you. I know you want to see the first prince. You like him right?”

           “Ugh father, that was only yesterday of my life. I don’t like him now.”

           “Really? I wonder what makes you change your feelings for him.”

           “Let’s just say I woke up in the morning that I don’t like him. Anyways, I will be going with you father. Instead the first prince, I want to see my brothers at the palace. I want to bring them some snacks. That is if it is okay.”

           “Yeah! It is a good idea. So I’ll be waiting for you outside okay?”

           “Okay father. I’ll go get ready.”

           “Okay, I’ll let the servants to prepare the snacks you will bring.”

           “Thank you,” I smile.

           “No problem honey,” father smile and left.

         Claire get dressed up with the help of Nanette her personal maid. Afterwards, she rushes towards the main door where her father and mother are standing and waiting for her. Claire wears a simple not too formal dress.

           “I’m ready,” Claire said while smiling.

           “Okay, we will go now wife,” the duke kissed her wife’s cheeks.

           “We will be back soon mother,” Claire kiss also her mother’s cheek.

           “Take care the both of you,” the duchess said.

           The both of them nods and get into the carriage. Claire is smiling while looking outside of the window of the carriage. Her father also can’t help to smile seeing her daughter so happy. Claire never smile by just watching the outside of the carriage. She only smile when she receives something like gifts such as jewels, dress, shoes and etc. that the girls commonly like. For the duke, this is new for him to see her daughter smiling at the scenery she saw outside of the carriage.

           “This brings me the past,” Claire unconsciously said.

           “Past?” her father commented.

Claire suddenly face her father, “Oh? I mean… when I was I child. I feel like I grow a lot this past few days,” Claire laugh awkwardly.

           “I agree. It seems you grow a lot this past few days. Your much more look like a responsible lady than before, Claire,” the duke smile warmly to her daughter beside her.

           “I know right,” she smiles.

They arrived at the castle. They are greeted one of the imperial knights.

           “Where is his majesty right now?” the duke asks to the knight.

           “His majesty is waiting for you duke at the garden,” the knight answers.

           “Then I can walk there by myself. Send my daughter to his brothers. She wants to see them,” the duke order to the knight.

           “Yes duke Leerstrom”

           “I’ll then see you later. If you want to go home just come and see me, Claire.”

           “Yes father. I will,” Claire smiles.

His father turns his back and walk the other way. Claire looks at her father back walking away.

           “Lady Claire, Lady Claire! Lady Claire?” the knight calling her attention. The knight grabs her shoulder, “My lady.”

           “Yes?” Claire startled and face the knight.

           “I’m sorry for grabbing your shoulder, my lady. I’ve been calling your name many times,” the knight explained himself and took off his hands on her shoulder.

           “Don’t worry I understand. So shall we go where we going sir knight?” Maisie smile at him.

The knight crossed his brows and look at him confusedly.

           “Sir knight? Is there something wrong?”

           “Oh, I’m sorry lady Claire. It just your different from what the rumors.”

           “If the rumors your talking is the me being spoiled brat. I guess that was the past Claire Leerstrom.”

           “Yeah, but I also heard that you’ve change into good person.”

           “Well, I can’t say that. After all, people is born natural to have a bad side. Especially when you provoked them,”Claire winks at the knight.

           The knight stare on her for a minute, “I guess you are right lady Claire.”

           “Aren’t I? Now shall we go sir knight? I really want to give this snacks to my brothers,” Aisha raised the basket she’s been carrying.

           “Oh yes my lady, of course. Let me carry this for you,” the knight gets the basket from her.

           “Why thank you sir knight. You are such a gentleman.”

Claire and the knight started walking on the hallway in the palace. She instantly stops walking when she saw who is the man walking in the opposite side of the hallway she’s walking.

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