Chapter 3

The knight stops when he notices that the lady he is walking with is not walking anymore. Claire is standing still while looking at the man who appeared in front of her walking on the opposite side of the hallway. She holds her dress and grip tightly.


           I know this is a palace where he lived. However, the palace is so big that seeing him is a small chance after all. Still, why now? Why it has to be now? I grip tighter on my dress. I’m not ready to face this man. The man whom I experience being in love and be hurt all at once. The man who played me and used as his pawns without a conscience. The man who never care for you or your sentiments. I want to charge on him and slice off his head.

I can’t believe such man exist in this world. A man who only thinks how high he can climb even he needs to kill someone in order to get there. No, there is nothing I can do anymore but to face him now. Sooner or later we will still see each other anyways. After all, I’m from a powerful duke family. I have a big chance than the other noble family to come into the palace eventually. Now, Claire, focus. Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you.

“Lady Claire?” the knights confusedly look at me.

I smile at the knight, “Shall we?” I start walking again.

The first prince and I meet at the middle. “Greetings your highness,” I stop and bow down to show my so called respect. I respect him since he is still past of the royal family but I will not respect him as a human. I stand up again and look at him with a blank face.

           “Lady Claire you’re here,” the first prince, Varis said.

Of course I’m here. Can’t you see I’m standing in front of you? If I’m not here who else is here greeting you with hatred in her heart.

           “Yes, your highness.”

           “I see, your bringing something?”

           “Yes, your highness.”

           “What is inside the basket?”

           “A snack your highness.”

           “Is that so? Is it for me?”

I smirks, “I didn’t know that his highness would expect a snacks from me. I mean I never assumes that his highness would have a thought of me.”

           “Lady Claire, don’t be rude in front of his highness,” the first prince personal guard, Fletcher said.

           “Am I being rude sir Fletcher? I’m just saying what I understood base on his highness statement addresses to me.”

Both of them we’re shock in my calmness. I know they would expect me to get so loud and vulgar if there is someone who will against me or saying I’m wrong. Since, in the past I’m a spoiled brat who thinks, she is always right. The things now are different and I’m not like I used to be.

           “Even so lady Claire, be careful on how you talk towards his highness. He is a royalty,” Fletcher defended.

           “I understand sir Fletcher. However, may I consider also your situation to mine? I’m the daughter of Duke Leerstrom. One of the most highly regarded noble in this country. You, sir personal knight of the first prince, should also be careful on how you talk to me right?” I sternly said, “I know that sir Fletcher is knowledgeable enough to know this basics manners.” I glare at him.

 Fletcher look down and hi face turned pale.

           “Lady Claire, as his superior I’m sorry how my personal knight acted. He is only doing what he is told to do,” Varis defend.

           “Oh? Is that so your highness. Is it also one of his jobs to talk like to me? I understand what his job your highness. To protect you from harm and insults. However, it is also his job to disrespects me when I only say my thoughts on you your highness? I never thought that it is a crime, yo-ur hi-gh-ness,” I slowly pronouncing the last words.

He was astonished to my response that made me snicker to myself.

           “Now, If you’ll excuse me your highness. I need to bring this snacks to my brothers.”

He flinches, “Brothers?”

           “Yes, does his highness doesn’t know I have siblings?” I acted like I was shock.

           “No, I know.”

           “Oh then, I’ll go now your highness,” I bow and pass by him, “I hope you will displine your personal knight your highness. In order not to happened again,” I said while I’m passing his side.

           “Woah, you are so cool back there my lady,” the knight commented.

           “Aren’t I?” I laugh softly.

           “Yes, I really hate that guys to be honest.”

           “Why is that?”

           “That Fletcher is acting high and mighty towards us just because he is the personal guard of the first prince,” he snorted.

           “Well, learn to justified yourself because if you won’t do that who will justify you? Is it only yourself you can rely on besides your family?”

He ogles his eyes that made me take a back.

           “Aww my lady. I’m so touch by your prudence,” he said excitingly showing how he is amaze by me.

I look on the other side. I’m not used to look at like this. All I can see in the past is hatred, annoy, and how they want me to get out from their sight from other people except my family. We arrived the office of the second prince. The knight knocks on the door.

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