Chapter 4

“You may take your leave now. I will take Lady Claire from here,” Reimir, the second prince order to the knight.

The knight bow and give me the basket. He turns his back and walk towards the door and open it. Before he went outside I called him, “Sir knight”

           “My lady?” he faces me.

           “Wait a minute.”

I put the basket on the center table and get my hankie from my pocket. I grab some cookies from the basket and put it in the hankie then secure them. I walk towards the knight and hand over my hankie with cookies in it.

           “A thanks for accompanying me here and for carrying my basket sir knight. Thought it is not that much but you can share this with some of your friends as a snack,” I beam at him.

           “My lady this is…”

           “Please take it. It is not compensation. Think of it as a simple act of sharing from a friend,” I smile.

           “Thank you, my lady,” accepting my offer, “I’m sure we will like this. About your hankie I’ll clean this up and return this to you my lady.”

           “Don’t sweat on it. Just take your time. I have some extra hankies on my home to use to.”

           “Thank you again, Lady Claire,” he bows and leave the room then close the door.

           “That’s a great acting. I impress,” Reimir said.

I abruptly face him and raise my one brow, “Excuse me, prince Reimir but we don’t know each other that much for you to judge and put malice in my actions towards other people.”

           “Oh? Your right. However, I heard this rumors about you.”

           “As a second prince of this country you totally believe a rumor?”

           “Well, there is no rumor if they see nothing right?”

           “Oh? So that’s how you going to rationalize things? What if they are just making stories? Anyone can say anything regardless if they really see a thing or not. Also, what if the rumors are about the enemy attacking? You actually believe that and send a troops out of nowhere when there is actually not there. The truth is just a story to lure you?”

           “I see. I perceived now that you are not dumb as what they say.”

What? Is he just testing me? Ugh! “By the way prince Reimir where are brothers?”

           “Oh your looking for your brothers. I thought your looking for me. I got confused as to why you’re here when you already have an eyes for my brother.”

           “Oh my! I really don’t know that the princes in this palace are interested on me this much. To the point where the other brother thought I’m bringing a snack for him which is not. While the other brother thinks I’m looking for him. I have not been oriented that the princes in this palace are self-assured.”

He burst out laughing that makes me look confusingly at him. When he looks at me he tries to calm his self yet he can’t stop himself from laughing.

           “Should I be proud that I make the second prince laugh?” I sarcastically said.

           “You should. No one ever talk like that to him nor make him laugh,” brother Tyler enter the room.

           “Yeah, I agree. Since everyone is scared of him and adore the first prince for his smiling face,” brother Clarence follows.

           “Older brothers!” I hug them both.

They hug me back. When we break or hugs I immediately drag them towards the basket on the center table.

           “What is this?” brother Clarence asks.

           “A basket? obviously”

           “What is inside the basket?” brother Tyler clarifies.

           “I brought snacks for you. I came with father.”

           “You brought us snacks?” brother Clarence in unbelievable tone.

           “You went here with father for us?” brother Tyler asking for clarifications.

           “Yes to both,” I beam at them.

They scrutinizing my soul if I’m telling the truth or not.

           “Your doubting me huh! Your cute beautiful sister brought you a snack out of her pure intentions receives a doubt and suspicious look from her brothers,” I snorted.

           “Fine, we believe you.”

           “Thank you for this, Little Claire,” brother Tyler pet my head.

           “Bother Clarence?” I ogle my eyes.

           “Tch! Thank you little twin,” brother Clarence chuckled and pat my head.

           “Huh! in reality, the Leerstrom siblings are closed to each other?” Reimir butted in.

 I look at him with a flat face. Bah! So much for princes today. I want to get out of here and hope never to see any one of them.

           “Brother, I just brought you this snacks. I never intended to stay here though I wish to have more time with the both of you. However, it is not possible today since there is someone is so bitter in looking how lovely is the relationship of the Leerstrom sibling,” I lower my head in front of the prince, “Goodbye,” I face my brothers and kiss their cheek, “See you at dinner brothers.”

I walk towards the door and open it. I step outside and close it. I inhale while lowering my head then suddenly raised it and face the door. I punch and kick the air in front of the door.

           “Fuck you! You, arrogant jerk!”

The door unexpectedly open inwards. I turn into statue in front of brother Tyler who open the door. He also startled seeing me in front of the door then turn into confused look with my posture.

           “Claire? What exactly are you doing?” crossing his brows.

I stand straight, “I… Ahh… I…,” stare at my brother. Goodness Claire think! Gosh! Brain cells help me please! Don’t slack off and move faster!

           “Claire?” he tilted his face.

           “I was about to enter? I forgot to tell you something,” the words came out from my mouth without thinking.

           “What it is?”

What? WHAT IT IS CLAIRE! WHAT DID YOU FORGET TO TELL? That the prince is so jerk that I want to slap him in his face using my heel? Brain cells! Full speed ahead!

“I… I just want to ask… if you could request someone to lead me to where father was?” I unsure say.

“Do you know where father is? I could tell someone to lead you where he is about.”

“He said earlier he will be at the garden?” I answer unsurely again.

Fuck! Why I’m answering so unsurely! Brother Tyler look at me perplexedly.

           “He said that if I’m done I’ll just have to find him there,” I beam. This will do right? Right? He will not think I’m weird right?

           “Okay, I’ll walk you there. If we saw someone along the way, I let him to guide you the way.”

           “Ah! No!” I abruptly said, “I mean you have work to do right? You can just tell me the way then. I could manage it,” I forced to smile.

Honestly, I know the ways here in the palace. Since I lived here in my previous life as the queen of the country. I guess what I learned and the new personality I developed, as the ruler, on that life is still within me.

           “I doubt. I know ever since. And telling you things is not your cup of tea.”

           “Brother, trust me. I already grow a lot than what you think.”

He stares at me intently. I stare back at him with determination.

           “Fine,” he sighs in defeat.

He starts to tell me the way on how to get to the garden.

           “If you lost…”

           “No I won’t. Bye brother!”

I ran away while waiving at him.

           “Running is not allowed!” he shouts.

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