Chapter 5

Since I know the way like it was on the back of my hand. I successfully reached the garden of the palace. However, the garden is quite big where you can play chase games, and hide and seek. So I need to roam for a bit in this garden to look for my father. Though, I remember that there is a pavilion here, five exactly. One on each of the corner and one on the middle.

           “I guess. I’ll start at the middle.”

I walk towards the middle of the garden. The garden has short and high bushes wall with varies of flowers. While walking around the garden I’m amuse on how the garden stay beautiful before and after I became the queen of the country. I reached the center and I saw my father and the king on the pavilion talking. I walk towards them when they notice my presence, they look at my direction.

           “Greeting to his Majesty,” I half bend my knees and stand straight again.

           “Hmm, So this Claire now? She grows quite beautiful isn’t she?” the king complimented me with smile.

           “Thank you for your Majesty. You make me fluttered.”

The king laugh softly, “Please do sit down, lady Claire.”

           “Thank you,” I sat down beside my father in the small round table while the king sat in front of my father.

           “You came with your father today to see prince Varis?” the king asks directly to me.

           “No your Majesty. I actually came for my brothers. I brought snack for the both of them.”

           “Oh I see. I’m sorry for being mistook you.”

           “It is fine, your Majesty. Since I know the reason why would people will assume that thought every time I went here at the palace. The rumor does really have a strong smell that even the king will know about this young lady childishness,” I softly laugh.

           “Well, I think it is fine and normal for the young lady to admire and have affection to men especially to the princes,” the king laugh teasingly.

 I smile and laugh with him. I don’t want to press this matter. It only reminds me of how stupid and naïve I am before.

           “If I may, what you and my father was discussing about your Majesty?”

           “Claire, an child like you can’t understand such things so don’t bother his majesty in your curiosity. After all, a lady like you don’t have an idea about politics and military issues,” does my father said to me.

           “So you are talking about politics and military issues, father?” I ask innocently.

           “Yes,” father answer and took a sip on his coffee.

They are talking about politics and military issues? At this time why they are talking about… huh? Politics and military, if my memory is correct. Two months later the kingdom of the Aleriria will attack. The king sent his two sons for this war since the second prince is coming to the wars my two brothers working under him must come to assist the prince.

           “Is it about the Aleriria kingdom?”

Both of them jolted at what I said. They turn their gaze at me with bewilderment.

           “How did you know?” my father asks.

           “I… kind heard it off on the knights when I was walking towards the garden father.”

           “Yes, it is about the Aleriria kingdom attacking.”

I recall that our cavalry was defeated and force to retreat back here. The damage was so immense that we almost can’t stand up again when another kingdom attack. The rumor spread out the country and other part of the country that the Eteaniel kingdom received an immense blow from the attack of the Aleriria kingdom. One of the casualties were my brothers. They died on that war.

Their body went home in corpse. Even after our losses the palace announced a verdict that my brother betrayed the Eteaniel kingdom and the king. My parents, brother Terrence, I was astonished about the news. We can’t believe nor want to believe everything unless my two brothers will arise their corpse and tell us so.

Even I was a brat in my previous life and mischievous but I know my brothers well as well as my parents. I can’t stop the war but I can stop my two brothers join the war. I need to do something to stop them or I will join them at the war together with them in order to save them from what may happened. The problem is how the hell I do things? I raised my finger on my mouth and nibble it unconsciously.


Think Claire what can you do this time to help them?


           “Yes?” I was startled.

           “Are you okay?”

           “Yes I am, father.”

           “You sure? You suddenly space out. Is there bothering you?” the king worries.

           “Yes, your majesty. I am fine. I’m sorry to worry you.”

           “Hmm, but can you tell what is on your mind young lady?” the gaze at me.

           “I just got worried to my brothers your majesty. Since if the war rages on, my two brothers will join if the second prince lead that war.”

           “Claire,” my father scold me.

           “No it is fine. I understand her worries for her brothers. I guess the rumor about you lady Claire, is true. Your more recollected now and it seems your relationship with your brothers are very good.”

           “Please don’t believe everything what rumor said your majesty. Those people didn’t witness the real story. Those people only judge on what they heard even they don’t really know me in person. Those words can be added or lessen just to exaggerate the story that doesn’t really happened.”

Both of them can’t believe what they heard from me. The king smile and nodding his head.

           “I see. You’ve got a point their young lady.” The king amaze, “I never had met a young lady who think like you,” then king laugh.

           “I am grateful of your praise your majesty.”

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