Chapter 6

Ever since the discussion they had with the king, Claire requested to his father to look for a teacher for her in swordsmanship. Claire’s parents and brothers did not allow her to have that kind of lesson. Thus, she decided to sneak out from the mansion and secretly look for a teacher. While she was roaming around the market in disguising as a commoner she also had fun watching the streets with so many side stores, street performers, and etc.

One time she went in a tavern. She is just curious for what a tavern be look like. Also, she heard that she could find a good swordsman in those kind of places. Claire enter the tavern and directly went towards the bartender in the counter area and sat.

           “What can I help you miss?” the bartender asks.

           “Um… can I order a lemon drink?”

"Yeah sure,” the bartender starts to make her drink. After then put it in front of her a glass of drink she orders.

"Thanks,” Claire took a sip, “By any chance, do you know a man who is the best swordsman here in Eteniel?”

The bartender looks at Claire, “If you are looking that kind of man the second prince was known for his swordsmanship, thus why he called as the prince of death at the battlefield. The knights said that whenever the second prince was at war he looks different and can slice people without batting an eye one after another. Why you ask miss?”

           “Is that so? I’m looking for someone who can teach me. I want to learn how to wield a sword.”

The bartender looks at her amusingly and laugh, “What for?”

           “For protection purposes? I can’t rely on someone who will save me every time I’m in a great danger, can I? I mean there is really no one will know if I’m in danger at that specific moment if there is no one will tell him right? I’m the only I can rely myself on,” Claire took a sip again.

           “Well, you have a point. However, I don’t think there will be someone willing to teach you since it is not common for a lady to wield a sword. Lady has a weaker strength and body compared to men that is why having a training like that is impossible for them to survive.”

           “Well, we will not know if I don’t try right?”

           “Even you say so, the question is does the prince willing to teach you? A no one lady? In the first place, can you enter the palace and ask the prince for this?”

           “Beside the prince, do you someone else?”

"The others are above average though, they can still teach you, ah!” the bartender remembers, “The mysterious guy who is often comes here.”

           “The mysterious guys?”

           “Yeah, he often comes here to have drinks with his friends. There this one time he meets trouble here then resort into fight. At first it was only a fist fight then turn into sword fighting.”

           “He killed them?”

           “No, he only defeated them by until they can’t put a fight against him or surrender.”

           “I guess he is not a cold blooded killer then.”

           “Though he fought against ten people by himself.”

           “Hmm… he is that great. So do you have anything a specific day he will be here?”

           “No, he randomly comes here. Don’t worry if he comes here I will tell him about you and set date for you to meet him.”

           “Really? So when do you think I should back here for updates?”

           “Well, I guess it will be hassle for you to come here every day. Then, how about every other day?”

           “Every other day. That is good. Let’s do it then,” Claire smiles.

           “Okay let’s meet after tomorrow,” the bartender smile.

           “Thanks, mister,” Claire stand up and went off.

           “What a petty, that kind of woman shouldn’t learn to hold swords. Her lovely place might get a scar someday,” the bartender mumbles.

~~~~ AFTER 2 WEEKS ~~~~

           “Mister did he come?” Claire ask excitedly.

           “No he didn’t come today either.”

           “Oh man,” Clair groans, “My time is running out.”

           “Are you in a hurry miss?”

           “Well, you know the danger is just lingering around the corner.”

The bartender smile at Claire’s expression like a child who is disappointed for expecting a gift to arrive. A man enters the tavern wearing a commoner clothes and have a blond hair. The man sat beside Claire and order a drink to the bartender. The bartender gave him.

           “Oh it is you,” the bartender gave him his order, “He is the man I’m talking about miss,” facing Claire.

Claire turn her gaze to the man, the bartender was talking about. The man who is taking a sip from his glass also gaze at Claire. His eyes went wide and almost spills out his drink after seeing her face.

           “Oh my,” Claire said.

           “I’m sorry,” the man said while coughing.

           “What’s wrong? Does the drink doesn’t suit your taste?” Claire asks.

           “No, it just I couldn’t expect that someone like you will be looking for me?”

           “Do you know me?” Claire look at him intently and analyzing his eyes if he will tell a lie or not.

           “You’re a daughter of a noble right?”

           “She is?” the bartender asks surprisingly.

           “Oh, so she is hiding her true identity then. My bad, I’m sorry my lady,” the man apologize.

           “Please mister, don’t talk rubbish. How could I be a daughter of a noble? Can you see what I’m wearing? Not even a slightest can be said that I’m a daughter of a noble family,” Claire snorted.

           “Oh I see,” the man smirks, “I’m sorry for assuming things my lady.”

           “Yeah, how can a noble lady entering this kind of place,” the bartender gave a wry laugh.

But it is too late to take back what the mysterious man spits out. They are curious as to why their surroundings went silent. Claire and the mysterious man look at their surroundings and saw that those men are looking at intently at Claire.

           “There is a back door here, go,” the bartender whisper to them.

The unknown man stood up and offer his hand. Claire look at his hand and look at him curiously.

           “Do you want to stay here and be a doll to be played with these scumbags?” the man said to her.

Claire shakes her head and hold the hand of the unknown man then stood up.

           “RUN!” the man shout and run.

As the man started to say that, Claire started running after him while holding his hands.


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