Chapter 7

Claire and the unknown man ran as fast they could and far as they can. Claire looks back wondering if those men are still chasing after them. She stops and pull her hand back when she saw there is nothing chasing them.

           “Why the hell we run?” Claire asking while catching her breathes.

The unknown man stops and look at Claire. He checked if there is someone still chasing them. When he saw nothing then he stands straight and catch his breathe.

           “You run with me but you didn’t know why are we running?” the unknown man asks unbelievably.

           “You held out you hand towards me so I hold unto you and run!” Claire exasperated.

           “Idiot! What if I was planning to kidnapped you?”

           “Well, in case you didn’t know you really look like worried in there.”

The unknown hissed at her.

           “So? Why the hell are we running then?” Claire ask like little child can’t sit still if someone don’t answer her.

           “Those good for nothing people, after hearing you’re a noble. The first thing came in their mind is that selling you off after playing with you.”

           “Huh! I wonder whose fault is that?”

           “I’m sorry but I really just can’t believe someone like you will went a place like that.”

           “Look here mister, why did you assume that I am a daughter of a noble family? You know me right?” Claire scrutinize her.

           “I don't... okay. It is just that... I haven't seen such a gorgeous lady being a commoner,” the unknown man honestly said.

Claire didn’t expect that straightforward answer from him. She was taken a back and didn’t know what to say or how to react on his statement. She just stares at him.

           “Are you okay? Why are you staring at me?”

           “Nothing,” she looks on the other side.

           “So what is the reason why you are asking about me on the bartender?”

           “I heard that you are a good swordsman.”

           “Do you have something you want me to work for you?”

           “Nope. Actually, I want you to teach me how to wield a sword.”

Just like the bartender first heard her. The unknown man look at her with amusement and just laugh at what seemed to be a crazy idea for him, “You? I mean... you want to learn wield a sword?”

           “Why? Is something wrong about that?”

"Why... yes my lady!” the unknown man emphasize, “You are a daughter of a noble. I’m sure you have a lot of knights who could guard you.”

           “I don’t need guards. Not all the time they are at my side protecting me. Just like now, they will be here if they they’ll know where I am. Since, I’m alone it means whenever I got kidnapped they’ll never know unless someone notices my absence or presence. In that moment I was already abducted somewhere for who knows where. In these moments, I can only rely to myself. So what should I do then? Wait when they’ll have time to come to me and reap my clothes? Hit me or drag me somewhere and sell me?” Claire seriously look at him. Not a joke can be seen in her eyes nor in her face expressions,

"Isn’t it more practical to think that at least I can protect myself to stay alive until the rescue arrives?”

The unknown man fixed his eyes on her, “I’m telling you the training is not a joke my lady.”

           “Then perhaps, can we try it first before you judge me if I can last long or not? There is no harm if we try right?” Claire said beaming.

The unknown man sighs out, “Fine, then we will meet there,” pointing at the tree where it is the entrance to the woods."

           “We’ll start tomorrow.” Claire determinedly said and excited.

           “Then... tomorrow is it,” he smiled.

           “By the way, what is your name?”

           “My name?” the man was surprised by her question.

           “Why? You don’t have name?”

           “Call me Remrem.”

           “Remrem huh,” Claire turn her back, “See you tomorrow Remrem,” Claire walked away.


I push the door open and enter my office. There I saw Clarence and Tyler looking at me seriously.

           “Prince, you know you have a lot of work to be done,” Clarence scolds.

           “Seeing you wearing that disguise again. I can say that you went off sneakily AGAIN,” Tyler emphasize.

I just laugh at them, “Well you wouldn’t believe what I saw and who I meet out there,” I sit on the couch.

           “Who?” both of them ask.

Huh! I wonder what will be your reaction if you will learn that your little sister was so brave to enter a tavern on her own. I smirk and put off the wig I’m wearing. Thanks to this she doesn’t recognize me.

           “Let say I just saw a maiden. A willful maiden who is so independent on taking care of herself.”

           “Oh no, don’t tell me prince that you found someone already?” Clarence excitedly said.

           “Damn! So someone already caught your attention? I wonder who and what kind of a lady peak your interest. I mean you never talk about a lady before. You may smile to them but you always put a barricade to put their place. This time it seems you let off your guard,” Tyler said.

           “Well she is really different. You can’t see a lady every day who is willing to learn to wield a sword aren’t you?” I smugly smile.

           “Lady? Wield a sword?” Tyler tries to confirm what he heard.

           “Yep! I guess she doesn’t want to hassle the people around her or she doesn’t have enough faith of those men around her to protect her safety.”

           “Who is she? Is she a noble?” Clarence asks.

           “She is a noble more than you think,” I grin at them that made their brow crossed.

           “Maybe it just out of her whim to try those things?” Tyler guessing.

           “Or she is just curious... Who is teaching her by the way?” Clarence inquires.

           “Me,” I proudly said.

           “YOU?!” both of them skeptically utter.

           “Prince are you sure? I mean you really go and meet that lady? Alone?” Tyler said in disbelief.

           “Why yes. A lady can’t cause any harm to me, right?”

"But, even so, she can’t harm you. However, if she was used as a bait or a spy. Then tomorrow will be the date of your ambush,” Tyler pointing out.

           “I’m fully assured that, the lady is not what you think she is.”

           “You're that sure? You must know her.”

           “Yes, I know her and her family as well,” I smile.

           “It seems no matter what we will say you will not listen to us,” Tyler snorted.

           “Oh come on Ty! Don’t worry too much. Someday you will know her.”

           “Huh! really.” Tyler scoff.


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