Chapter 8

Tomorrow morning, as what they planned. The two of them meet up at their meeting place and start their training lesson on the woods. Claire did all her best to learn how to wield a sword without knowing it is the prince himself is the one teaching her.

Every day they meet up for training lesson and every day the prince himself is watching, amused, to the little lady sweating to learn every teaching he taught. Prince Reimir stand behind of the lady while holding her arms and waist. To teach her how to hold the sword, the position and the movement when swaying it. Claire doesn’t give malice on their body being near to each other as she was so focus on learning. On the other hand, Prince Reimir can smell her sweet fragrance catching his attention greatly.

           “You have to move like this when attacking and like this when defending. Now you get it?” Prince Reimir turned his face to her. He didn't expected that when he turns to face her their faces barely touched each the other.

           “Yes, I’m getting the hang of it,” Claire answer without looking him and look directly in front of her full of determination.

           “You are really beautiful,” the prince blurted out without thinking that make him shock. But he can’t take it back what he already spits out.

Claire is surprise to what she heard. She abruptly faces the prince where she didn’t expect that their face so close that their noses touch each other. The situation made her more in panic and she harshly took a step backward that made her unbalanced and was about to fall. When the prince held her waist towards him and hold her tightly. Claire let go accidentally let go of the sword and hold on the prince shoulders for support.

           “Careful my lady,” the prince uttered while their faces are so near to each other. That they can even feel the each other breathes.

           “I… I a… I am sorry,” Claire stuttered.

           “Sorry? What for?” Prince Reimir look at her, confused.

"This is a bit inconvenient,” Claire manages herself to stand up straight and slightly push the prince where the prince let her go.

           “It is not a big problem though. It was an accident. Accidents usually happened in training right?” the prince beam at her.

           “Yeah right,” she smiles and pick up the sword, “Now, shall we continue?”


They start again their training. Each passing days, Claire progressing herself to the point where both of them are dueling each other.

           “I’m impressed my lady. I didn’t really expect for you to reach this far,” the prince praised her.

           “Yes, thank you sir Rem. I didn’t also know that I can wield a sword better than anyone,” Claire said jokingly.

           “Oh? So your carrying your own chair now my lady?” the prince tease.

           “Come on rem, you know I have skills on swordsmanship, don't I?” Claire smirks.

Prince Reimir shakes his head at the statement of Claire. He did praise the lady for having such excellent skills in swordsmanship. The lady can keep up to him in their dueling and he is tremendously surprise and amaze this lady fast progression.

           “It is like I was born to learn this swordsmanship,” Claire laugh.

           “Ha! Don’t dream my lady. You only go far as to keeping up to me but not surpassing me,” Prince Reimir proudly said.

           “At least I am confident now that I can protect myself from harm.”

           “I guess you are doing fine. How about I teach you on fighting without weapons. There will be some instances that you don’t have as sword with you,” Prince Reimir explain.

           “Will you?” Claire utter excitedly.

           “Of course, since I started teaching you wielding sword why not the basic one right?”

           “That is great!” Claire stated like a little child was given a bucket of her favorite food while clasping her hands.

           “So, let’s get started?”


Then the other lesson started. They spent days each other on the woods for one month for their training session. After then, they decided to stop since Claire learn everything he could teach of.

           “I will not deny that I will miss you, sir Rem,” Claire expressing honestly.

Prince Reimir didn’t expect that from her. He stared at her for a moment then came back on his senses when Claire called his name for the nth time.

           “Are you okay? you suddenly spaced out.”

           “I can’t believe that someone will say that she will miss though,” Prince Reimir chuckled.

           “You don’t have friends to say that?”

           “Well, I do have friends but I doubt they will say that,” he said playfully.

           “Maybe they are shy to say that? Or maybe it is not necessary to say since they will always see you.”

           “I guess it is the latter the one.”

           “Even I will not bother saying those things if I will see you every day,” she scoffs.

           “I will go now,” Prince Reimir said.

           “Home? Why so early?”

           “Ho? I didn’t know my lady is having a liking in my company,” the prince said teasingly.

           “I will not deny that since you are my teacher. I’m having fun when I’m doing my training you know,” Claire smile brightly.

           “I have some work to do. Since I taught you, I set aside some of my work in order to come here.”

           “Oh my,” Claire in worried, “I didn’t know that I barge in your work sir Rem.”

           “Naah! Don’t mention. I’m having fun also teaching you my lady. Accompanying you is giving me relaxation.”

           “Really? I’m glad to hear that sir Rem.”

           “Then, I’m off now my lady. I’m glad to meet you.”

           “Me too sir Rem. I hope we could see each other again,” Claire smile warmly.

           “We will see each other again. You may don’t know but our path will always cross,” the prince stated mysteriously and left.

Claire was left alone their standing while thinking what does the prince mean to say. No matter how she thinks about it she can’t still understand as to why their paths always cross. She brushes of that question in her mind and started marching on her way home.


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