Chapter 9

“Claire, it seems you are so busy these past few days. I barely see you here in the mansion,” her mother said.

“I’m very sorry mother. I’m just having so much fun on the book I read. It has really a great story. So I always look for a place where I can be alone.”

“Oh what story it is?”

“It is titled, Against the Tragic Fate. It is the story where the lead character was given a chance to relive her life again and fight the tragic ending of her story in her previous life.” Claire lied.

“Hmm… it is really seeming interesting story. You finished it already?”

“Yes, I did mother.”

“That is good. Now you have time to spare to come with me at the town?”

“I always have time for you mother. The same with father and brothers. You guys are my priority of course,” Claire smile sweetly.

“Aww… you sweet child.”

“What will be doing at the town mother?”

“You forget? The palace will have a departure banquet for the warriors who will send to the war. We need to buy a new dress for you.”

“Oh… right the departure banquet.”

Claire’s mind was wandering off at the moment she heard about the banquet that will be held two days after today. She still didn’t make a plan yet how she will do that her brothers will not join the war or at least slipping herself in the army without them noticing her.


When the sun is not too hot to walk around outside we ride on the carriage and march towards the town. Upon arriving we directly went first to the dress shop that my mother and I favorite dressmaker. We choose and buy the dresses, shoes and jewels. Of course, I’m happy. However, if I am like what I have used to be in my previous life all I will think of is about the banquet and how do I make myself pretty. Buying all the dresses, shoes and jewels that my interest peaks of.

Still, I am the new me now. I perfectly now what is the banquet all about. I am not like the childish Claire who never try to see the reality of the outside world. I only living own my happy little world and contented on it. Now, I am bothered about the safety of my brothers. I don’t want them to die. I must do something since I was given this second chance.

“Claire? Claire! Claire!” her mother shake her.

“Mother?” she snaps back at her senses.

“Are you okay? You suddenly wander off.”

“Ah… haha I was like thinking thoroughly what dress should I wear hahaha.”

“Then why don’t we just buy all of them? They suit you well anyway.”

“Mother it is fine to buy just one. Since I can’t wear all of them eventually,” assuring mother, “Also, I want a simple one mother. I mean that is decent enough to wear to the banquet but not fabulous after all it is a departure banquet. The most important is that we are attending it all together,” I smile.

“Okay as long as you want it,” her mother smiles.

We pick one dress and buy it. After, we went to the shoes shop and choose one also. We passed by a shop where they sell wigs. An idea came up my mind.

“Mother, can you choose for me a jewel? I have something to buy too. We must split so that we can go home before the sun down.”

“Okay. I will wait for you here then.”

“Thanks, mother,” then I left off.

I went back the shop we pass by and enter it. I try and pick a wig where my face will be seeming a different person. After trying I decided to pick the blond hair since I have an auburn hair this will make the difference.

“Now I need to make a men clothing for me to wear.”

I look around to see where are the men clothes shop. I should only go where they only sell men clothes. After seeing one, I enter and try to look around their displays.

“Uhm… sir can you have a measurement of me? I need men clothes within my size. You see I hae a twin brother and I want him to surprise and give him a gift.”

“Sure my lady.”

His started to get my measurement and promise me that by tomorrow the clothes will be finish. So I went off and went to my mother. Then we went home. A day had passed and tomorrow came. Claire sneakily went outside again to fetch the clothes she ordered then came home bringing those men clothes. She prepared everything she needs in executing her plan.

The departure banquet approach in a blink of an eye. The servants are helping her preparing for tonight banquet. She took a milk bath for five hours to smoothen her skin and with flowers to be fragrant enough. After that, she had massage on her body to be moisturize and she only eat a little at the lunch.

“For only tonight’s banquet I had to agonize?” Claire whines.

“You must bear with it my lady. This is all for you to be pretty at the banquet,” the servant answers,

The night came and the servants dressed her up and do her face and hair. After finishing the long preparation their efforts are not in vain since Claire even wearing a simple gown she really looks like a goddess on it.

“Wow, good job guys!” praising her servants since she really does simply gorgeous.

“Lady Claire, the carriage is waiting,” another servant came in.

“Oh, thank you.”

Claire stood up and walk out of her room. She hurriedly walks down the stairs and saw her parents and brothers waiting outside. All of them gaze at Claire and smile.

“You look really beautiful my daughter,” her mother complimented.

“Thank you mother. I came after you I guess.”

Both of them giggles.

“Now, now… that will hurt my feelings you know. It is like saying I am not handsome enough to be your father.”

“Awww father, your charisma is my charm hahaha!”

They ride the carriage after.

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