Chapter 10

The banquet hall is so lively and dazzling from the lights. There are so many guests that’s mostly composed of aristocrats and nobles. Claire’s family arrived in the banquet hall on time and the guard reviewed their names on the list before they enter the banquet hall.

“My memories of a banquet I once attended in my past life flowed in my mind,” in Claire’s mind.

Soon the guard announced the presence of the royal family as they entered the banquet hall and walked in the isle towards the throne in the front.

“Announcing the presence of his majesty Sempronius Granville and Her majesty Vernetta Granville together with the first prince Varis Granville and the second prince Reimir Granville.”

Claire can’t contain the hatred she feel towards the first prince.

“Such a jerk! Smiling in front of the people but switches in second when he turn his back! Disgusting creature!” in Claire balled her fists as she thought of that.

The royalties sat on their assigned seats except for the king who remained standing in front to give a welcome speech for everyone and for those nobles who will join the war. After that the king officially open the departure banquet for the knights.

The music started and the guests started crowding the ball. Claire had no idea on what is happening to her brothers but they were really guarding her well in every corner. She could feel that intense vibe they are spreading around her as it is obvious on those noble’s men got pale when their gaze locked to them. It’s almost like there are wild beasts behind her.

“Where is this over protective brothers came from?” in Claire’s mind.

Claire faced her three brothers. The three boys suddenly change their expression into lovingly.

“Brother, do you intend me to be single until my hair turns gray?” Claire whined.

“What? You don’t need them, Claire,” Terrence said.

“Yes, first brother is right. We can give you everything and anything you want,” Tyler seconded.

“You don’t need to find someone else, Claire,” Clarence agreeing to those two.

Eck! Claire can’t believe she is seeing her three brother making a cute face in front of her.

“Are they for real?” in Claire’s mind.

“Look brothers, I’m already old enough to…”

“May I disturb you?” prince Reimir inserted.

Claire flinched upon hearing his voice. She slowly faced her back and see the second prince smiling.

“Your highness,” the three brothers bow their heads.

“Y… your highness,” Claire bows.

“May I have the honor to dance with your little sister?” Reimir asked.

“Of course your highness,” the three of them answer synchronously.

Claire flinched to what her three brothers answered. She rashly looks behind her with wide eyes.

“May you accompany me to a dance, my lady?” Riemir lend out his hand to show courtesy.

Claire suddenly face Reimir, “Goodness, did I tell already that I don’t want to get involve again the royal family why is something like this happening?” in Claire’s mind with a poker face.

“I’m so…,” Claire was cut again in her sentence.

“Yes, she will, second prince,” Clarence grabbed her hand and put it on the palm of the prince.

“Now, off you go!” Tyler push her towards the prince slightly enough that she grabs on his shoulder in order not to fall.

Claire secretly glared at her three brothers, “Your leading me to my death!” she screams in her mind.

“However, second prince. We just approved this since we will depart soon to war. We don’t want to see our little sister not having fun in the banquet as it may be the last time we will see her,” Terrence stated.

Claire is in shock when she heard that turning her face dark, “Don’t say that,” she blurted out.

Her three brothers look at her in bewilderment.

“This will not be the last time I will see you.”

Claire dragged the second prince towards the center to dance. She positions her hands on his hand and shoulder while Reimir put his hand on her waist and hold her hand then started dancing.

“Answer me honestly, how much did you bribe my brothers?” Claire stared at him suspiciously.

Reimir is in disbelief, “My, my, are you even worth it to bribe?” he smirks.

Claire’s brows twitched, barely holding her irritation.

“Then how come without a doubt my three brothers suddenly approve your scam,” she pointed out.

“Scam? You are really putting all your distrust on me, lady Claire,” Reimer chuckled.

“Could we just say that they are just loyal to me?”

“Loyal huh, just where were you in the times they are being accused on treason?” Claire criticized him in her mind.

“I know I look handsome and all but you don’t have to stare at me intensely like that.”

Claire’s smirks and looked away. Reimir stared at Claire and wonder why the face of the lady suddenly turn into sorrow. You can tell in her eyes she is clouded in her thoughts.

“Is there something bothering you?” Reimir inquires.

Claire flinched and came back to reality from his cloud of thoughts.

“You know it is rude to dance with your partner while looking way and with an expression of sadness.”

Claire suddenly look at the second prince. She didn’t realize until now that her face showed such expressions.

“Why of all the ladies in this banquet, I’m the one you pick to drag here?”

“Can’t I have a dance with you?”

“You can’t,” she flatly answers.

“Why is that? Do you want my first brother to dance with you?” Reimir smirks.

“Just so you know, I don’t want any of the both of you to dance with me. I can’t even think as to why are girls ogling their eyes on both of you when you were just humans like us,” Claire pointed out.

Reimir laughed soflty and leaned close to her, “Yes, yes. Just being you can’t help myself from liking you,” her whisper in her ears.

Claire’s heart skipped a beat when Reimer suddenly did that, yet she manages to compose herself and scoffed.

“You’re flirting won’t affect me, your highness.”

“Is that so? Does this mean that you are expert on this field?” Reimir teased Claire.

“Huh! who knows second prince. I’m just a lady with a beauty who encounters almost every man with different type of approach,” Claire said proudly.

“Ho~ you are really good in carrying your own chair huh!” Reimir said fascinatedly.

“Don’t act innocent, your highness. We both know you can carry your chair better than me,” she said mockingly.

“Let’s see if there are still men will come to you after what I will I do.”

“What will you do?”

Reimir smirks and they keep dancing like they didn’t throwing dirt on each other. The people were so amazed on the both of them on how they dance elegantly and gracefully. Until, the music ended and so each other bowed to each other and lead their partner on the side.

Claire wanted to let go but the second prince held her closer then before and tightly. She grabs on the both side of his shoulders since the second prince arms are hugging her waist. Claire flinch and straighten her body when the second prince lean on her side of the neck and kiss her there.

“Lady Claire Leerstrom,” Reimir sofly said.

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