Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Claire’s three brothers are preparing for the upcoming war. Claire who had been so stubborn and mischievous, she dressed herself into a knight outfit and wore a wig to hide her real identity. She secretly blended in the group of knights marching lead by her three brothers.


“HALT!” one of the knight-in-command roared, “We will establish camp here for tonight.”

“My gosh! I can’t believe that this would really be so exhausting,” I plopped down to the ground, as I catch my breath. I specifically chose a certain tree and decided to lean on it and take a rest. As I rest my exhausted legs, I darted my eyes to the men on a distant ahead. Some of them were setting up the shelters, some of them were given the instructions on securing the area, while some of them were just setting up bonfires.

“So, this is the life of the army into the war huh,” I mumbled to myself.

As I silently looked at them, someone came near and stood in front of me blocking the view I am enjoying to observe. Annoyed, I furrowed my eyebrows and lifted my head to see whoever this man entering my zone.

“Hey, what are you doing here alone?” he asked.

“It is not your business,” I retorted.

He squinted his eyes and brought his hand to his chin, “Are you a newbie?”

“Sort of,” I replied as I leaned to my side trying to focus on what I am really looking from earlier.

“I see… this is why you are not getting along well with the others. However, there maybe one or just a friend you are close to in your batch, right?”

“Who cares. Please don’t be bothered by my presence. I prefer being at peace.”

“You are not the friendly type, I see. The reason why you are alone here,” he said as he nods.

“Please we are not close enough and so stop acting like we are.”

“Then with that said,” he sat beside me, “I can’t leave you alone.”

He then drew a huge grin on his face.

“What are you doing?” I slid a bit to the side, keeping my distance from him.

He gazed into the distant men in front of us, “Look man… we are about to head into the war. You don’t wanna die alone right? I mean at least if something happened to you there is someone you can trust to send your message to your family, right? But I really do hope we can all come home alive and hug our families ourselves again.”

I stared at him for a minute, “You have someone waiting for you?”

“Of course, I have my little brother waiting for me to return home,” he held the pendant on his necklace as he said this.

“Little brother only?” I asked.

“Well, we don’t have our parents so we only got each other.” He gave a smile but, I knew behind it is sadness, maybe he is recalling memories of his family.

“Then you risk your life in joining this battle leaving your brother alone? Are you stupid?” I am really at a disbelief.

He was surprised to what I said, “Pfft! You are so work up for that?”

“It isn’t just like that! Look he only got you and then here you are throwing your life in this war?”

He looked at me, speechless for a bit. When he recollected himself, he laughed, “That’s not what a real knight would say you know… but I guess you’re a newbie so it is understandable.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess it must be an encouragement for me to survive this war and get back alive… not scolding me for our job, right?” he smiled.

“I guess you are an idiot after all… Your brother is surely anxious and worried about you being here.” I looked away.

“Well, I already explained to him that this is the job of a knight... He also wants to be a knight someday, you see… he is a very fine young boy with lots of light and fire on his eyes,”

“Just like his older brother, he is also an idiot.” I leaned on the tree to give my back a rest.

He erupted into laughter, “Is that so?”

I scanned discreetly scanned the man’s body and saw that familiar crest in his armor, “That crest is…”

He looked as well to the crest engraved on his armor, “Oh yes, I am a knight from Duke Leerstrom just like you.”

My eyes grew wide. How… this can’t be. He might recognize me! But wait, it seems he doesn’t have any suspicions on me. He really does think I’m just one of the new knights to be sent into the war.

I coughed a bit, “So is that why you knew that I’m new in the ranks?”

“Yes, because I never saw your face before.”

Just as I thought. He just really thinks of me as a new knight here, well that is good though so that I can continue this cover.

“I don’t intent on being rude here man, but your voice seems a little girly don’t you think?”

Ack! Why would you have to tell me all about this now?

“Yeah, everyone says it as well. That is why I prefer not to talk much.”

“Oh, is that why your sitting alone here?”

Idiot! I slowly nod my head.

“The name is… Liebert,” he offered his hand.

“Clerk,” I shook his hand.

After that meeting, this man always keeps on my side talking about everything he could talk. Man! I can’t believe there is such a man who could talk this much non-stop. Anyway, he looks so lively especially talking about his brother. So, I let him be and just listened, laugh if there is laughable.

With this we didn’t imagine that we already arrive at the castle fortress. The captain set out the instructions. I immediately walked away and started to look for my brothers. As soon as I saw them, I hid myself behind the wall. I managed to follow them without exposing my presence and located where their rooms and their office.

Ever since then, Liebert and I never met again since I’m busy observing my brothers from afar to every move they make. They sent out knights and captain to lead while planning for the next move. Everything is fine as for now so I’m relaxing and just observing them.

Until one night a knight came in into the office of my brothers. I watched him intently since he is acting suspicious this lately. I saw him last time went out in the middle of the night going somewhere. And then came back looking anxious, as he kept watching his surrounding if someone sees him.

I kept my position hidden here in the branch of the tree near the window of the office of my brothers. They are talking about something and brother Terrence getting something on his drawer. The knight who just entered suddenly raised his hand and pulled out his sword. He was about to slash my brother when I pulled out my sword and throw it straight at him. My sword followed a straight line drawing a bright white trail and dug a hole on the attacker’s shoulder. He lost grip of his sword and it went flying to the side. I immediately leaped inside while the window is open.

His blood stained his armor and the floor as it continued to drip. The traitor knight took a step back and was quite shocked on the sudden turn of events. He discreetly pulls a dagger on his sleeve and charged to my brother once again. In response, I dashed forward and cleanly hit him with a solid kick to his abdomen causing him to cough a bit of blood. I then pulled out my sword, that made a screeching metallic sound and pointed it towards him.

The traitor knight’s face was covered in grimace.

“You! DON’T INTERFERE!” the knight roared and charged towards me.

I slipped past his blade and I slightly bent down my body to readjust my stance and stab him again on the side of his belly. I then took quick back steps to pull away and maintain distance from my enemy.

“Ugh!” blood foamed on his mouth, as he pressed his wound trying to stop the bleeding. His knees gave up and he sprawled on the floor.

“Why are you trying to kill my bro… my lord?” I pierced him with my furious gaze.

He slowly tried and tried getting up again, “Heh, you will not get any answer from me. Unless, you die!” it was clear that he is losing his strength and is shaky but he managed to charge again.

I quickly stepped to the side, while maintaining momentum and my center of gravity I swung my sword, slashing him again. My sword drew a silver arc, as I get past him making a humming sound as it travels through the air after slashing my enemy. After that move, I eased my stance and swung the sword a couple of times before sheathing it back to the scabbard. When I faced the traitor knight, he knelt on the floor then fell face down.

“Who are you?” my brother Terrence asked.

I look at him then in panic I touched my hair to confirm if my wig is still tightly attached in my head. I sighed in relief confirming it was still there.

“I’m Clerk, a newbie my lord,” I saluted.

“A newbie?”


“How come you are here? You entered through my window seemingly knowing that this guy is about to kill me,” he asked skeptically.

“I was just passing by my lord. See yah!”

I turn around and burst towards the window and then jumped.

“Hey wait!” my brother Terrence called.

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