Chapter 14

“We’ll just pretend we didn’t hear or see a thing. That way we can lure out the enemy and catch them by surprise… We will expose them without an escape.”

“But…” He was about to protest against my suggestion but I cut him short and gazed into his eyes.

“Liebert… I will ask you, who are you serving?” piercing him with my gaze.

Very confused he asked, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“Just answer me Liebert,” raising my voice as if commanding him.

“Judging from that tone of your voice, you seem like you are commanding me.”

I sighed. There is no other way. I pulled off my wig and my long hair fell down straight and flowed naturally in my back. Seeing my real appearance and face made him stunned, his eyes grew wide and his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

“L-lady Claire?” Liebert stuttered.

“Yes, Liebert?”

Liebert immediately dropped on of his knee and bowed his head in front of me.

“W-why are you here? How come…”

“What do you think? How did I actually manage to pull this off?” I smirked.

“While I don’t really have any idea how it happened, but you know milady… it is extremely dangerous for you to be here in the battlefield!”

I crossed my arms. “And you’re saying that right now, when we are already here?”

“B-but milady…”

I sighed, “There is someone who is after my brothers’ life. And we just confirmed that earlier. I am here to watch over my brothers discreetly and intercept any enemy attack attempts. When I say discreetly, I actually mean it… imagine how would my brothers react to the fact that I am here. That would cause unnecessary trouble,” I took a step closer to him, “I need your help Liebert. I came to a conclusion that the assassins will most likely blend as a knight and take advantage of that to get closer without too much problems… or it might be a betrayal from the first prince himself and the knights under his command.”


“Do I need to fight you in order to listen to me?” I pulled out my sword from my side, creating a shrilling metallic sound. I pointed my sword to the man kneeling in front of me.

He fell silent for a moment and just sighed, “As you wish I will listen to you, milady.”

“I will trust you Liebert that you will not sneak behind me,” I held his hand and smiled at him.

He just looked at me like he couldn’t believe it turned out like this. I then let go of his hand and said, “Let’s go back.”

“Yes, my lady.” He stood up.

I put my disguise back on and returned back to the camp to have our night rest. When the morning came, I was surprised to see Liebert outside of my tent just standing out there as if he was guarding me the entire night.


He turned to me as soon as he heard me calling him, “My…”

I covered his mouth immediately as he was about to blow my cover without even thinking of it.

“You see I’m wearing disguise and all then you will call me in that way? Are you an idiot or just planning to blow my cover?” I whispered and let go of him.

Very surprised by that he replied stuttering, “I-I’m so-sorry. Then Clerk was it?”

I just nodded.

“Yes, keep calling me that way as of now… by the way, what are you doing here?”

“You see, I couldn’t be at ease all night after knowing it all,” scratching the back of his head.

I just made a huge sigh. He means he can’t leave me alone after knowing I’m the only daughter of his master.

“Fine. Just act normal and pretend like we are just comrades in this war.”


It was that moment when a knight came over and saluted to him, “Vice-captain, Lord Terrence and Lord Tyler wants to see you in his office together with sir Clerk.”

I froze upon hearing the knight as he addressed him. Vice-captain? He is the vice-captain? How come I revealed myself in front of the VICE-CAPTAIN? I wanted to scream really. Or I am already screaming in the back of my mind right now.

“Yes, we will be there immediately.”

The knight walks away and left the two of us.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you are the Vice-Captain?” I pierced him with my sharp gaze.

“That is because sometimes, newbies get terrified or get so tensed up whenever I approach them or at least when they know that I am the vice-captain. So, I was surprised when you didn’t know me and so I found someone I can talk to casually… little did I know that it would end up like this.” He laughed.

“So, you will bring me there?”

“As long as you will not say something and I keep it nothing will happen to you right?”

“Good, good,” patting his back as I grinned to him.

We started walking the hallway towards the office of my brothers. He knocks and open the door before we enter and gave salute.

“Clerk it’s been awhile,” Brother Terrence said.

“Yes milord.”

“We thought you are someone from the enemy wearing our knights’ uniform but it seems you are really one of our loyal knights,” Brother Tyler said.

“Yes milord.”

“Mind if you tell us, as to why are you observing us?” Brother Terrence raised an eyebrow.

“With all due respect, but I am not observing you my lord. It was all just a coincidence.” Placing my right hand to my chest and slightly bowed my head forward.

Silence went creeping in the room for a moment.

“Well I won’t suspect that much since Liebert knows you after all,” Brother Terrence said, breaking the growing silence.

“Thank you, my lord.” Keeping my posture.

Brother Terrence smiled at us, “And we cannot overlook the brilliance and your bravery of defending us with your life… we shall see to it that you will be rewarded with what you deserve… You are dismissed. Since we need to prepare for departure.”

We then went out of the room and sighed in relief. Finally, I can now breathe properly.

“You must not come with us, Clerk.” Liebert looked at me with a worried face.

“I’m not a child. I can handle myself.” I crossed my eyebrows.

“Still you are lady, specially the daughter of the family I serve, and it is dangerous for you to go into the fray.”

“Seriously? I can just hide myself... I will only attack and show myself to those who wants to attack my brothers. I won’t come out in the middle of the bloody fight okay?” crossing my arms and looking away from him.

He can only sigh, “I can only agree but you must let me accompany you.”

“You see I don’t have any problem with that idea but my brothers and the captain will surely be looking for the vice-captain you know.”

I can’t help but laugh in the back of my mind when he shows his face with a frustrated look.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll be sticking close to the pack, close but hidden from my brothers. I will call for your aid when I need help.”

“Understood, I’ll be on high guard.”

And so, our marching starts. I blended in with the knights and walked with total awareness in our surroundings, constantly darting my eyes at all angles especially towards my brothers. As we reached half-way towards the front lines, it was when a group of knights suddenly jumped out from the bushes and trees from all over the place. Heh! Right on time as expected.

Both knights from each side roared as they were about to clash. High-pitched metallic noises started to fill the air as numerous swords bash into each other. Taking advantage of the chaos I slipped out quickly and discreetly dashed from tree to tree heading towards my brothers. My brothers should be in the middle of the formation just a few meters away from where I am. In a minute I saw the both of them beside Prince Reimir that is roaring his commands to the troops.

I just went on stand by and observed carefully how things will turn out. There will definitely be someone who will approach my brothers with a hidden killing intent aside from those knights who ambushed our main force.

“The mouse has started poking its head.” I thought when one of the knights that guarded the prince closely has started moving suspiciously. Two of them approached my brothers and the prince from the side as they unsheathe their swords. Upon reaching the attacking range, the both of them dashed towards my brothers and attempted to stab them.

But my brothers aren’t that weak to be easily caught off guard by such a meek attempt. It’s about time. I bolted towards their positions, at the same time, sparks sprayed as my brother’s and the both the traitor’s swords crossed each other.

It was when another pair of assassins lunged towards my brothers coming from the back and another pair from the up above at a different direction simultaneously.

Just as expected. There will be another set of assassins who will attack my brothers. The first pair of assassins is just a distraction, or so to keep my brothers occupied. Adding another pair to kill my brothers is still a hard thing to accomplish that’s why there is a third pair in a different direction simultaneously attacking my brothers. While they can still block or dodge the second pair with ease, the third might caught them off guard. And that is where I enter the scene.

And just as I expected, my brothers did quickly eliminate the first pair and managed to block and dodge the second pair’s attack. The prince quickly noticed the trick played by the assassins and acted immediately. He masterfully blocked the third assassin’s blade that was bound to slash Brother Terrence.

“Watch out Tyler!” the prince Reimer roared.

Brother Tyler was surprised as he turned towards the third assassin and had no room to react anymore. But then, sparks sprayed and the clanging sound of the two swords crossing each other reverberated through the air. The impact made by the two swords sent vibrations towards my body. If I was even slightly late on parrying the assassin’s blade then brother Tyler could have been slashed already.

The four assassins quickly made some distance and encircled us, resetting and preparing for their next attacks.

The assassins were clearly shocked in the sudden turn of events. Their plan was to outnumber my brothers and the prince and catch them off guard. Yet now, the battle has turned into a one on one duels, with the four of us dealing the four assassins as well.

“Thanks! you got here right on time Clerk!” Brother Tyler said grinning.


But the assassins or the traitors didn’t return a reply.

“I see… whether you are traitors or an enemy spy all along. You should be sentenced right here and right now!” Prince Reimer declared.

All of us fell silent as we stared down each of our nemesis. You can hear the sound of the wind as it sways the trees and the shrubs, along with the ear-wrenching clanging sounds of swords clashing each other. The assassin in front of me held the hilt of his sword, preparing to draw it and slid one of his foot forward to complete his stance. At the same time, I held my sword in front of me and bent my knees slightly completing my initial stance.

After a moment, all of us simultaneously charged towards each other. A series of sword clanging sounds resulted after our blades crossed. We just went on, parrying and dodging each of our attacks.

I must at least capture one of them. There’s no telling if the other three will still be alive after clashing against my brothers and the prince, at least I’ll try to capture this one.

“What are you spacing out there? I am still here!” the knight in front of me yelled, throwing a series of sword slashes. I did my best, parrying all of his quick attacks but-

Ack! I wasn’t expecting that kick he mixed from all those sword attacks. Heh! Not so bad. I just smirked and reset my stance. Then how would react to this!

Charging with a breakneck speed, I raised my sword up high and with all my might slashing it in a downward motion. As expected, he can dodge it cleanly by stepping to the side and immediately mounted his counter into a stabbing motion. I just dodge the counter by spinning my body and then dug my foot forward to deliver a chopping blow towards his neck. He wasn’t prepared for that and got hit cleanly which caused him to groan and pass out. His heavy body with armor fell flat to the ground.

I then took a deep breath and then sheathed my sword to my side. When I turned my gaze back to my brothers and the prince, well… as expected, their foes didn’t even stand a chance at all.

At the very least, I did actually manage to catch one alive person from the four assassins. After confirming, that everything is well, I informed the other knights who came to take the one I captured. We might get some information from him.

Then I left without a word. Yet, Liebert followed me as I try to make my way out quietly.

“Why are you coming with me? They might need you there.”

“Well… it’s just that… milady there’s no one who knew about your situation… and I was only worried that…”

“Fine,” cutting what he is about to say, “Tell my brothers that I will meet them in their office and I will brief them as to what is happening.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. “Yeah, just do it…”

“As you wish, milady.”

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