Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Just as I told Liebert, I arrived at the front of my brother’s quarters. I knocked on the door three times and announced my name and my intentions.

“That’s weird, for them to not to be here.”

I pushed the door open and checked the room. Yeah, no one is inside, well they might have some drills to do or some kind of preparation. I decided to stay inside and just wait for them to arrive. At some time, knights arrived and knocked on the door then stated their intentions.

“We have come here, bringing the captured assassin for interrogations.”

“Bring him inside.” I replied.

I grabbed a chair and the knights let the assassin sit on the chair and tied him tight on it. He wouldn’t be able to move from it, as he was completely tied with his feet and hands on the chair. His head was covered with a head bag while we were waiting for my brothers to arrive.

After a couple of minutes, the door swung open and my brothers entered their quarters together with Liebert and the troop captain.

“So, is this the assassin we captured?” Brother Tyler grabbed the head bag that covered the assassin.

“I don’t wanna beat around the bush… so let’s get into the business. Who ordered you?” Brother Terrence raised his question.

The assassin just stared at them sharply and just shut his mouth tight. Just as I thought we might find difficulty making him spill the beans. So! Gritting my teeth, I swung my hand as hard as I can to the assassin’s face. A clapping sound reverberated throughout the entire room. As a result the assassin head was forcefully turned towards the side.

“Who are the persons involved in this ploy?”

Yet, the assassin is still very tight-lipped. But nevertheless, we really need to get him say who are his superiors. He will become our solid proof that the first prince is involved in this treacherous act.


The assassin was suddenly freed from the ties in his hands and immediately jumped and grabbed me by my neck. I was too careless, when did he started cutting the rope behind him.

Brother Tyler stepped in and launched his fist to the assassin.

Ugh… ugh…!

Still coughing and catching my breathing, with my body in a bent position I darted my eyes towards the assassin, and there he approached me again, attempting for another attack. There Brother Terence launched his feet towards the assassin. That sent the assassin flying towards the corner of the room and crashed hard.

They manage to take out the assassin in an instant but… what was he holding in his hand?

Shit! So, he did manage to grab me by my hair. My real long hair fell down and flowed like a silk into my back. The look of astonishment was etched on their faces.

“A… woman?” Brother Tyler said to his surprise.

“Do-don’t tell me… is it you… Claire?!” Brother Terrence exclaimed in disbelief.

This is it. My cover has been blown in an instant at this very unexpected moment.

“Ayah! Looks like I am now found out,” I fake a laugh, scratching the back of my head.

“Have you gone mad!?” Brother Terrence exclaimed.

“Are you an idiot?” Brother Tyler added.

“Tee-hee! They are the same brothers.” Giving them the widest grin I could give.

“CLAIRE!” both of them yelled at the same time.

“Look, I’m just worried okay?”

“Worried? Do you think you are the one worried right now?” Brother Terrence scolded me.

I could only pout my lips and play with my fingers in front of me like a child that was being scolded because of misconducts.

“If Father and Mother finds this out, they will surely be in distress,” Brother Terrence stated.

“Damn sister! Did you eat a rotten food or something that made you do this?” Brother Tyler exclaimed.

“If I didn’t do this you will be killed in that ambush!” I shouted.

Both of them was taken a back at my sudden out-burst. I pierced them with my glare. The both of them could only sigh and just recollected their composure.

“Now…now, how did you learn about it… that there will be an ambush?” Brother Terrence inquired.

“That… I heard it last night when I followed a knight. He was exchanging information to the enemies. Liebert was there with me at that moment. He can confirm it.”

They darted their glance towards Liebert.

He slightly bowed his head “She is stating the truth my lord, one of our knights is giving information to the enemies.”

“And how did you manage to join us here? Our parents would probably be anxious now and can’t sleep since their lovely daughter suddenly vanished from their home,” Brother Tyler mordantly alleged.

“Well, we can write them a letter don’t we?” I forced a smile.

Brother Terrence brushes his hair up while Brother Tyler just sighed. He glances to the captain and Liebert, “Lock him in the dungeon.”

“Yes, my Lord,” they answered in sync and picked up the man then went out.

“I can’t believe this. Our sister loves us this much to the point she will follow us in the battle,” Brother Tyler said, but it is clearly sarcastic.

“I’m sorry Brothers. I just got really worried since I know something might happen to you.”

“You know something will happen to us?” Brother Terrence repeated.

I avoided their eyes. Both of them looms on me and stared at me intensely.

“I heard okay? I just heard somewhere. That they will kill both of you and plan to say that you were the traitor who reports to the enemy that is why you were ambushed. They planned to use you as their scapegoats after they kill the both of you.”

“Where did you hear this?”

My Goodness they are pressing this matter. If this went on I will have to say them the truth. However, who will believe such story that I am reliving my life and is given second chance? That I travel back time so I already know what may happen?

In the moment of pressure someone barged in and the three of us glance at the door. We saw the second prince standing and looking at us with bewildered.

“Lady Claire?” he uttered, baffled at the sight of me being here in the battlefield.

We slightly bowed our heads down, “Your highness.”

“I didn’t know that Lady Claire was enlisted as a knight under the Leerstrom Family,” he stated.

Really? I don’t know why but the way he talks he doesn’t disappoint me to feel annoyed.

“That’s because your highness you are not part of the Leerstrom.”

“Claire!” both of my brothers scold me for talking casually.

“That is fine. Let her be herself. It is refreshing that someone is not too cautious or something towards me.”

“Who will be cautious in front of you if your tone is like that your highness.”

“What’s with my tone? Does it bother you?” he teases.

“No it doesn’t bother me. I just wonder how does the so called silent second prince is so talkative towards me.”

“Oh? Do you now put malice in my actions now, Lady Claire?” he smirks.

Bullshit! I want to strangle this man and made his face my punching bag!

“I don’t your highness. However, I might be special since you are laughing and love to talk to me,” I sarcastically said.

“Is that too obvious?” he beams.

What? What? What? Did he just indirectly admit that I’m special? What the hell? Is he fooling around me? I glance to my Brothers but they look not good to me. It seems they are spreading their ominous aura.

The prince laugh, “I can feel something is glaring at me.”

A jerk first prince and a crazy second prince. I wonder how will the empire in the future?

“That is because you are crazy your highness.”

“Yeah, I became crazy when I’m talking to you,” then he laughs.

So you saw me as a fool now?

If I let him get into my nerves in every words he says. I’m sure my brain will explode from overheating.

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