Chapter 17

“Greetings your majesty the king.”

The three sibling bow showing their respect.

“You may raise your head,” the king order, ““Please sit our hero of the war.”

The three of them sat on the chair and the door open where the two prince enter. They greet the majesties and sat on the vacant chair across the three siblings. They are in the meeting room in the palace. Claire’s brothers reported to the king the details of the war together with the two prince while Claire silently listening to them.

“I also heard that this Lady here made a big role in victory,” the king glance on her.

“Yes?” Claire blurted out, “I what? Big role?” in Claire’s mind.

“So you heard a tip that someone will assassinate your brothers so you follow them. They also come back alive because you watch them over.”

“I… I’m just worried your majesty.”

“You can tell them what you hear. Why you must follow them all the way?”

“Since I have a doubt that my Brother will believe me or ignore what I said. I don’t mean that I don’t trust them but if your wise person you will never believe a rumor that easily.”

“I see. So did you found out something?”

“Your majesty, I don’t dare to say a thing. Also, it is just a conclusion for now.”

“So really found out something.”

Claire sealed her mouth. Speaking her thought will show slandering to the royalties that may punish her to death and her family.

“As the king words, whatever you say in this room will stay in this room. No one will hurt you as we who hear you will be your protector.”

“Your majesty,” the men reacted surprisingly.

“Now, my lady will you share your thoughts?”

“I saw the first prince knight meeting the enemy and giving a report to our movement in the forest. The second prince knight attacked my brother when we were ambush. It is clear that the three of them worked together. They planned to ambush us since they already knew our movement. Their target is my brothers so they send another man specially for them.”

“Your saying that either the two princes are a traitor?”

“No your majesty. Those men have a chance not taking orders from prince. Someone or there are other person paying them to do such things. They could be also wearing and blending in the knights so we will think they are one of us.”

“Then why your brothers are targeted and not the princes.”

“Because if they kill my brother they can take out the arm of the empire. They can’t directly attacked the prince with slander the other prince that easily. There are ways to defeat the beast as they said.”

“Yes it could be. Since the Leerstrom family is one of the powerful dukedom of the empire. What will they do after their death if they did it successfully.”

“They will put the blame on my brothers being the traitor who sell their empire. The two knights under the second prince will say that my brother attacked them first and they just protecting the prince. This punishment can be tarnish our family reputation or we also could be received punishment since they will point out that we might know about something of their treachery even we plead innocent we don’t have proof as we didn’t know what really happened before my brothers die.”

“But it could not be believed since the second prince saw them suspiciously move.”

“The second prince will not step in this fight.”

All of them was shock to Claire said.

“And why is that?”

“If he joins the fight and try to protect us he will be endanger. Everyone knows we are supporters of the second prince, let us not hide that fact already. However, joining the fight of claiming we are innocent without proper evidence could be a suicidal for him. If he pushes that fact it may turn out that he is the one who order my brothers to do the treachery act. His reputation and the credibility as a prince could be revoke from him. So its better for him to stay silent.”

“Hmm… yes that might be happened,” his majesty nod agreeing.

“I didn’t know that you see as a man without a heart my lady,” Prince Reimir smirk.

“I’m not saying you don’t have kindness your highness. If we are being practical and balance things. Fighting for us will give a big lost than being silent to you only lost a big supporter. However, you can find a new one rather than the risk that you can be strip off your title as prince. Also you don’t have enough evidence for our innocent so your hands are tied.”

“I can’t believe beside of the three sons of Duke. His daughter can’t be also underestimated,” the king praise.

“Thank you for your acknowledgement your majesty. It is thanks to my brothers who sometimes talk about political or military issues while they are with me.”

The king laugh.

“But are you saying Lady Claire that there is someone who want the prince to be thrown out as the successor of the throne?” Prince Varis speaks.

Claire smirk, “Your highness, I’m not talking about it at all. I’m not telling that someone inside the palace wants the Prince Reimir to be out of favor. Are you instead telling that there is someone you are suspecting having that goal?”

Prince Varis grit and clenched his fist, “Nothing. I just see that it may be that.”

“Yes, it may be that the enemy goal was to let that empire have and internal issue. In that way it is a perfect time to attacked,” Claire agrees.

“Yes, that was I am talking about.”

“They could be act as the knights of the prince to have that goal.”

“Lady Claire you really amaze me of how you perceived things. Your being worthy to be a princess,” then the king laugh.

Claire flinch upon hearing the king’s words.

“If you don’t mind I want you to be engaged to Prince Reimir.” Protection Status