Chapter 49

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this". I huff, turning to Lucas. He has a slight smile on his face and I try to guess what he is thinking. If course! He's finding all these very funny but it's not to me.

"What are you nervous about?" He asks me.

"Meeting your mom and that's just one. Two, what if I'm recognised"

He pulls me into his arms, kissing the tip of my head. "Honey, it's a mask ball. I'm pretty sure no one would know anyone"

Oh yeah! Curse my little brain for not thinking ahead. But still, I can't wear a mask while greeting his mom. She'd just think I'm weird. And what if that girl, Lucas used to like is at he ball, would it make all this more awkward. Why ask? Yes, it would've awkward.

"I see you're nervous but my mom don't bite."

"It's not your mom anymore" I pout and he reaches down to kiss my lips.

"What then?"

I bite on my

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