Chapter 52

My arms go round Lucas neck as he delves his head in the crook of my neck. He trailers kisses along my neck, his hands gripping my hips tight. I shake under him as he lowers his head to grab a breast into his mouth. My eyes roll, my head hitting the head board.

I pull away from him, sitting up. My fingers loosed the knot of my sleeping gown to reveal a very sexy lace nightgown. It's short and exposes my nipple through the net. I went through a lot to get this before the travel and I just had to use it, despite his mom almost spoiling our evening. His eyes roam round my body like a lustful man.

"Say something" I whine, feeling as if I did too much.

"I'm hard" he stated and I bite my lips, chuckling. Of all things to say? That was pretty obvious. I lean on top of him, kissing him again.

"Ah God!" I breathe out as Lucas hand travel down my back,  finding dampness coating my skin. With one hand wrapped ar

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