Chapter 54

With how persistent I was, Lara finally decided to make me hot chili sauce. The thing is terrible, and I don't plan on eating it, but I just felt bossing Lara around would've made me feel better, but I wasn't ok. The shredded pieces of papers that were littered all over the counter, is a constant reminder, that I'm slowly losing it.

Since Diana came over yesterday, I haven't been able to think straight. If Nicole seriously files for adoption and all that, I may just lose my parenting rights as a mother. Already, the media would tag it as a woman who killed her husband, the child is better off without her.


Nothing is helping me right now. Maybe, I just need a stroll or something. But I can't, because Lucas took Ellie for a long walk, and they aren't back. Ash decided to head to the bar today, but Lucas made sure she was being watched by Larry.

Now, it's just me, Lara, and of course, Harry. Th

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