Chapter 55

Lucas POV

I take Ash's hand as we walk into the warehouse. I'm not about to let anything happen to her, because even a single scratch on her arm, could lead to Elaine not ever talking to me in this life. She's already being so suspicious of me. Since she found out that little mystery of me being in the house of the Riveras the night of the murder, I've been threading thinly.

"Stay close toe at all times" I tell Ash and she rolls her eyes but still nod. The place is quiet just like Larry and Riley said. Old books are stocked in corners of shelves, there are cobwebs hanging around the place, dust on every table, and rats scurrying around. It's like no one has been in here for days. But Riley said the man that's been harrassing Ash was tracked to this warehouse, that means there's got to be something here. Anything actually, that even proves why he's a threat.

"Look around" I say to Riley, meanwhile, taking m

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