Chapter 5

"Lucas Grayson?"

Ashley nodded. She wasn't looking at me but at the giant mole on a man's head that just walked by. I snorted. The name Lucas does ring a bell in my head but I can't put my finger on it.

"Heard he bought this place like two weeks ago" Ashley took my hand and led me behind the bar stand. I wasn't ready to start working today. I'm not even sure how to mix anything. I only know how to make margaritas. And that's thanks to Ashley. 

"So have you seen the boss?" I asked Ashley.

"Nope. Hardly comes here. I heard from Griffin that he's busy running his other businesses"

"Wow. Sounds like a busy guy" I cooed. A man came up to the bar and ordered a blue lagoon.

"Yeah. He is" Ashley filled a glass with ice, then added Smirnoff, vodka and lemonade together before mixing it. "Heard he's a cop too" I froze at that. I don't think it's a great idea to be working at a cops bar. What if I get caught. I could be thrown back in jail.

"A cop, wow. Just what I needed" I replied with full sarcasm. Ashley smirked.

"Don't worry. Griffin says he doesn't wear uniform"

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?" I asked Ashley. She stopped stirring the drink and glared at me. Wearing uniform is something but not wearing is another thing. He's like a boss cop or holds some rank.

Which means I'm totally screwed if I get caught. I frowned, rubbing the bridge of my nose. 

"Guess I never thought of that" Ashley shrugged.

The greasy man by the bar knocked on the table twice. "You both quit your yapping and get me my drink" he growled.

"Coming right up" Ashley added a blue curaçao liqueur and then garnished it with lemon before pushing the drink to the man. He snorted and stormed off but still left a huge amount of tip. Nice guy!

"It's alright if he doesn't visit the bar often" I said. "I'll probably never meet him". Ashley agreed with a nod. This should be good, or am I just consoling myself incase I get caught?


Homeless, broke and tired, I decided to crash at Ashley's place. I didn't really have a choice. I can't even access my bank account or I'll be caught. I took off my shoes and crept unto the sofa.. all I did today was watch Ashley mix drink. Not bad for my first day at work. I wonder what I'll do when we get different shifts.

Ashley came into the room and sat down. She had a bottle of tequila in her hand and I rolled my eyes.

"You should learn to take a break sometimes" I tell her.

"Bah! I'm good" she chimed.

I rolled to my back so I was now staring at the ceiling. My mind reeled with many things. Autumn mostly. I wonder what she's doing now. I stared at the wall clock. By this time, we used to eat cookies and read stories. 

Most times, Ethan would play the piano and I'll sing nursery rhymes while Autumn played around with Miss Ponytail. I wonder if she still has that doll.

I sighed. We used to be a happy family. Until death had to knock on Ethan's doorstep. Who would've even thought of harming him?. He was a gentle soul.

"Are you asleep?" Ashleys voice cracked through the silence in the room.

"I can't even sleep" I murmured

"Good. me too. " there was a rustling sound and in seconds, Ashley was sitting on the floor next to the sofa. "Tell me what prison life was like.?"

"Why? Are you hoping you'll go there soon?" I smiled.


We both chuckled.

"Well, it wasn't all pleasant. The days were boring and long. The nights were cold and lonely. I usually just stayed up and imagined what Autumn was doing" a tear rolled down my cheek.

"And most night, I plotted my escape. I needed to get out of there. I couldn't feel happy with myself knowing Ethans murderer was walking about freely"

"Like a ghost walker" Ashley said lightening up the mood. I smiled.

"I did make a friend. Saddie. She was like an older sister to me"

The room was silent for sometime. The sounds of crickets outside, was overheard from the window. It brought back memories of me in prison. Crickets were a nuisance but I got used to it and somehow, it consoled me.

"Elaine....I think it's time we start plotting how to get Autumn" Ashley said.


She sat up and stared at me. "You really didn't think I'll let you do this on your own did you??"

"Oh Ash" I threw my arms round her neck. Hugging her tight. "Thank you"

"Don't thank me now. When everything's over, then thank me" she smiled and I nodded.

"Let's just rest. I'm too tired to plot" 

Ashley chuckled. "You sounded like a villain just now" she said and I grinned.


Ashley came into the kitchen holding newspapers. "We should get you an ID card"

"You think?"

"Yeah. A fake one though."

I poured galangal tea into two mugs and pushed one to Ashley.

"Seattle is a boring place. All they ever talk about on the papers are always about business" Ashley snorted. "Your case thrilled the whole of Seattle then" Ashley giggled. I threw a biscuit at her.

"Not funny"

"It is" 

"No it's not" I picked up the Newspaper and glared at it. The name Rivera caught my attention and I put my mug down

"See anything that interests you?"Ashley asked.

"Not really" I flipped the paper to the headlines.

The Rivera empire goes through an undefying change. I snorted.

Rivera president, Cooper Rivera hosting the biggest charity event of the century.

"Come see this!" I called to Ashley. She was right behind me in no time. She gasped when she saw the headline.

"Check the date of the event"

I read through the lines quickly until I caught the date.

"23rd October. That's like in two weeks time" I smiled. This could be my ticket to seeing Autumn again.

"Your not planning to walk in there like you own the place, are you?"Ashley frowned.

"They won't recognise me anyway"

"Don't count on that sweetheart. Those people are like vultures" Ashley said and I laughed. She hasn't even met Mrs Rivera. She's like the meanest creature that ever walked this planet.

"Hey look" Ashley pointed to a family photo of the Rivera family just below the headlines. My heart ached when I spotted a seven years old girl in a sea blue gown. She was holding her Nannas hand and smiling at the camera. 

My baby, Autumn!.

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