Chapter 7

I blinked severally before gaining my senses back. What do I tell him. I was never really good at lying. I need Ash on this one. I looked over to her stand and she was really busy. I sighed rubbing my fingers against my temple.

Lucky for me, a lady walked up and requested margarita so I focused on making her drink, giving me more time to come up with something.

Hunter sat there the whole time and I wished he'd just go. I served the margarita and looked at him. He was still waiting for my answer. I shook my head.

"It's complicated" I poured Ice cubes into several glasses.

"I'm a good listener"

"I'd rather not" I took out napkins and started wiping the already clean cold counter.

"Does it have to do with your past?" He asked and I stood still for a moment. Seriously, who is this man? I narrowed my eyes at him but he wasn't evading my glare.

"Why do you even want to know" I scowl.

"I have a natural curiosity" he smiled 

"Your a cop or what?" I asked while chuckling but he just shrugged. Is he?. Ok now I'm getting scared. Finally, Ash came over.

"Time to get off work" she said flatly. She wrapped her arms round my shoulder. I gathered my purse quickly before leaving the bar with Ash. Hunter followed behind.

"Guess our conversation is over" I smiled nervously. He smiled and pinned a misplaced hair behind my ear.

"See you around" he said before strolling away, hands in his pocket.

"That guy is weird" I told Ash and she smiled.

"Typical Hunter"


I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do but staring at my mom's number, I didn't realise I was crying , until my hand got wet. Should I call her? Would she freak out?! Of course she'll freak out. She gets a phone call from her supposed to be dead daughter saying she's still alive.

Even if I did call her, I know she'd be happy but right after the freaking out part. Also, calling her might be risky. What if I get her in trouble or something.

What if I call her now and in the process of this mission, I get caught and thrown back in prison . That'll break her heat. The second time. 

I shook my head and tucked my phone into my back pocket before wiping the tears that stained my cheek. This is hard. All of these is just too much for me. I don't know what to do anymore. 

I dabbed at my eyes continuously to stop the tears from coming down. It'd be weird for customers to see me crying in broad daylight. While others would ask me what's wrong? Some would think I'm crazy. And that's bad business.

Hunter came up to the counter and I turned to him 

"Hope I didn't interrupt anything" he said grabbing himself a stool.

I smiled shaking my head. "Nope. Nothing at all" I shoved my purse away and directed my attention to him. "What can I get you? The usual?" I asked with a smile. 

It's been two weeks since the question about why I needed a fake ID. I'm glad I'm passed answering that. Hunter came in usually and never mentioned it again. I've also gotten to know him and think he's a really friendly and funny person. When he's around, we talk about the wooden carvings on the walls of the bar plus the weird paintings which reminds me of slavery.

"Yes please. The usual". I don't know why he likes margarita so much but he does. I mixed tequila, orange juice and lime liqueur before garnishing the glass with lime. 

"Here. Just how you like it" I placed the glass in front of him.


I watched him sip on his drink until it was halfway full. He placed the glass down and looked at the clock above me. I rested my hand against the counter. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What can I do you for?"

"Um...if you have someone you haven't really seen in a long time and the person probably thinks your dead, would you call?" I asked . He smiled as if acquired a new knowledge.

"Well it depends on the person"

"Let's say.... family" I tilted my head to the side waiting for his opinion. He rubbed his chin looking thoughtful.

"I'll call for sure." Hunter said and gulped the remains of his drink before set the glass down.

"Even if it's dangerous?"

He nodded with a really creepy smile so i dismiss the topic and went back to mixing drinks.

"Who do you miss?" Hunter ask.

Caught between telling him the truth and lying, I rubbed my wrist not sure what to do.

"I don't want to talk about it" I finally say.

"Your the one who brought it up" he moved his hands to the counter tapping away slowly. I focused on his fingers. He has a point. I'm the one who asked.

"My mom" I sighed.

"Then you should call her" he said gently with a smile. "It's the best thing to do" I wondered why he hasn't asked me yet, why my mother would think I'm dead! Maybe it hasn't registered yet.

"Thanks Hunt"

"Hunt?" He laughed. "That's new"

"I know " I said grinning. "It's way shorter and nice"

He slid his glass to me."another margarita". I mixed him yet another of his favorite drink and gave it to him. He muttered a thank you and gulped the whole thing.

He placed the cup down and looked into my eyes. "Don't you miss your daughter?" He ask and I froze. Like one of the ice cubes seating in each glass lined up. I sure look pale right now. How does he know I have a daughter? Has he been stalking me? Or did Ash mention something? What else does he know? I frowned at him before walking out of the bar.

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