Chapter 8

I ran out of the bar for a reason I'm not sure of. I don't even have a reason. Only that I need to get the hell away from that bar. What Hunter said :don't I miss my daughter?

Of course I miss her. I miss her every second of my life. Every minute I'm not mixing a drink, my mind wanders off to her and I sit in the loneliness but noisiness of the bar and sink my teeth into my wrist to stop myself from crying.

"Tiffany!" Hunter called behind me. I didn't even listen, I just kept walking until he grabbed my hand. "Why'd you run off like that?"

"Why? Why?...Hunter you just asked me about my daughter and I should be calm?"

"So you do have a daughter" he grinned. I felt like punching his nose but that would ruin his face. I won't like to see him battered up so I refrained from throwing punches.

"Yes, I have a daughter. And my situation doesn't concern you" I said and started walking away. With the rage I was feeling right now, I could walk all the way to Ash's house and still have some energy to spare.

"It was just a small talk, Tiff"

I swooped around to face him. Small talk? Does he even know what I go through, the thoughts that fly through my mind everyday. The fear that shoots up my spine anytime I spot a police car? It's a goddamn truama to me

"Did Ash tell you about my daughter?" I asked him...cause if she help me...

"No she didn't. I just have a natural curiosity" he smiled. Why is he finding any of this amusing anyway? The fact that he know something could put me in trouble. Not that he's a birdy but I can't take chances.

"Well, guess what? I dislike curious people" I muttered before walking off. The sound of Hunter's steps behind me made me sigh. Is this his curiosity acting out now or he's just being annoying. I stopped walking and he did too.

"What do you want Hunter?" I asked without turning around. Jesus! Am I even supposed to be standing in the streets for long in this broad daylight? Someone might recognise me.

"Dinner. Have dinner with me"

"I don't have time for that" I have other things to do like plotting how to get my daughter back not going on dates.

"It's just a dinner......" he came up behind me and whispered in my ear, so only I could here. "....Elaine"

I froze. I seem to be doing that recently. He knows who I am. Should I be running? If I were my normal me, I'll call 911 by now that I have a stalker but I'm running from the police and the last thing I want is drawing attention to myself. I turned to face him slowly. His face was masked with a smirk. Now I really want to punch him.

"You know who I am?" My voice came out crooked but I cared less. My whole life is at stake right now.

"I've known since the first time I saw you. I made you a fake ID, Tiff. You didn't expect I won't snoop right?" He said. He has a point. And like he said. He's a curious person. Any curious person would want to deep into why I need a fake ID.

"So now what?" My eye lid fluttered with nervousness.

"Don't worry Tiff, I'm not turning you over to the police." Hunter said. "But have dinner with me" he added and that made me frown. "It's not a date" he said and simply started walking off so I followed him. What was I thinking anyway?

"Where are we going?" I came up behind him and he took my hand as we crossed the road to the other side.

"There's a restaurant just down here"

"Funny how I never noticed" I shrugged.

"You never notice anything around you" he said with a little frown and that had me wondering. We came to stop in front of a small but well furnished eatery. We walked in as the little bell above us rang. A waiter came up to us and led us to a free table.

We placed our orders and the waiter walked away.

I stared at Hunter" so what now?"

"What about now?" He asked with a shrug. He seem to be taking things lightly.

"Hunter, you know I'm Elaine Rivera. That's risky"

" plan on shooting me into a deep Well so I'm silent?" He smiled in amusement.

"This isn't some movie, Hunt. This is real life" I whispered. The restaurant seemed quiet and unsettling.

"Nothing will happen. Trust me" he said. The waiter came back with our orders. "Ash told me you hardly eat"

"Is there a point to?" I snort. Even if I want to, I can't.

"It's not healthy" he said before stuffing his mouth with risotto. "You look skinny and helpless. Is that a way of getting your daughter back?"

"How did you even find all this out" I sigh.

"You stare at that picture of a girl everyday and I know who she is. I found out actually" he shoved his food around.

"I do have a plan" I said. Hunt looked at me for explanation but I just shrugged.

"You can trust me, you know?"

"I'm not sure who I can trust" I said with narrowed eyes. "After all, your blackmailing me to have dinner with you" I spot.

Hunter chuckled.

"Yeah...but It's for your good. I'll tell you what?" He scooted closer and I did too. "I have a secret too"

I raised my brows at him. Is he a criminal? A thief perhaps, or he scams people for money. Maybe that's why he's so curious.

"What secret?"

"You'll find out" he grinned. "But trust me"

"The Rivera Family is hosting a charity ball this Saturday. I plan to go" I said with a low voice.

"You don't expect to walk in there like that without getting caught right?"

I shrugged. "Same thing Ash said but I don't have any option right now" I relaxed into my seat. "I just need to see Autumn first, then everything would come rushing back"

"I think I can help You with that" Hunter said. A wide grin broke out on my face.



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