Chapter 10

I didn't expect Hunter to come in early the next day but he did. Ash was right. He does seem to care about me in a special kind of way. One I'm not ready to look into or discover why?

I went down the steps slowly pulling my little box of cloth that Ash graced me with. I would rather not wear prison clothe everywhere. Hunter appeared at the bottom of the steps and helped me with the box.

"Is this all?" He asked.

"Yep! Don't got much" I sighed

"Then we'll have to go shopping" Hunter said and walked away quickly so I didn't have time to object. I'm still going to anyway. He can't just take me shopping like that. This is all an act. Not some romance prodigy.

Ash was seating by the counter having coffee. I'm surprised to see she's not holding a bottle of wine. What's up with her?.

"Hey girl" I dropped my purse on the counter and poured me my own coffee. Black coffee? Ash is drinking black coffee? I raised a brow.

"So your seriously eloping"

"Stop calling it that or I'll shove my cup down your throat.", I say and Ash gag.

"Have you seen the ride he came with?" Ash pointed outside her window and I spotted a black Camaro seating outside.

"Did you know he's got full pocket?" I ask.

"I didn't even know he owns a car" Ash shrug. The more time I spend with Hunter, I'm beginning to think he's a mysterious guy.

We both watched through the window as Hunter arranged some things into the trunk of his car. My box included.

"He offered to take me shopping"

"No kidding" Ash chuckled and I nod. "He's whipped"

"No he's not. He's just a caring guy who has a heart and love to help people I guess" after my long speech,I turned to see Ash smirking at me

"Caring huh? A guy just don't buy an acient mansion that cost fucking millions, get groceries and offer to take a lady shopping just because he cares" Ash scoff. She sipped on her coffee again and I'm left to wonder why she's having coffee.

"Stop". I shove her shoulder and she chuckle. Hunter closes his trunk and started strolling back up to the house. I sipped my coffee and threw the rest down the sink. The front door opened and Hunter came in

"We're set" he brushed his hands together and smiled a really pretty smile. I hope he doesn't make this awkward.


I gave Ash one big hug before withdrawing. "We'll face-time everyday" I tell her as I follow Hunter out the door.

"Come visit too" Ash said and I nod. I won't miss it for the world. Of course I don't want to seat in a fancy mansion all day just rearranging wallpapers and making dinner menus.

"Bye Ash. Take care of yourself and don't drink too much. I'm too worried about you" I tell her and she smiled.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore"

I crossed my arms together. Huh

Hunter opened my door for me and I slipped in. He went to give Ash a hug and kiss on the cheek before turning around and getting into the car. I waved as we pulled out of Ash's driveway and I can swear I saw her rub her flat stomach.


Hunter pulled into the old mansion that still looks so fashionable like the ones in story books. It's the finest mansion around here and even finer than the Riveras.

He turned to open my door for me and I got out. As we walked up the pathway to the front door, I stole a pick into the Rivera mansion to see if I would catch a glimpse of Autumn but the garden was empty, Save the roses I planted years ago. Good to see they still keep something of me. Mrs Rivera always loved roses anyway.

The front door was pushed opened and we walked into the suprisingly clean house.

"I had someone come in to clean" Hunter said. I nodded.

"How can you afford all these!?" My curiosity gets the best of me

"Let's say, i have advantages" he grinned and started walking up the spiral stairs. Everything is so perfect. Better than the Rivera mansion. Though I've almost forgotten what it looked like.  The only memory engraved in my head is Autumn's smiling face.

"Advantages huh?"

Hunter pushed a door opened and I stepped into a large bedroom. He discarded my box into the wardrobe. I muttered a thank you.

"Here's your room"

"It's large" the bed is a king size and have a large window over looking outside and its got a balcony. I smiled as I flopped on the bed. "Been years since I slept on a real bed"

"Ash..." He starts to say but I cut him off.

"Couch" I say immediately. I know what he was going to say. I never slept on Ash's bed but the couch.

"The balcony overlooks the Rivera garden and I assumed you'd love the view"

"Oh Hunt" I threw my arms round his neck..."of course I love it. Thank you" now, I can see Autumn as often as she comes to the garden. Hunter grinned when I pulled away.

"Glad you love it"

"Hmm..." I walked to the window and pushed the glass opened so I went out to the balcony. Hunter came up behind me. I could also overlook the sunset from here, the large water up ahead and the perfect mountains on the other side of the hill. "It's so beautiful" I comment.

"Yeah. Sure is"

I looked to see if he was making it wierd by looking at me but he was staring up ahead. Good. Why do I keep thinking that this is some cliche movie?

"You hungry?" Hunter ask

"Yeah" I say the exact time my stomach grumbles. We both laughed. "I'll change and meet you downstairs"

"Sure" he turned to leave. "My room is the door opposite yours. In case you need anything"he said and was out. I breath out and stared round the room before walking into the bathroom. Everything is perfect. The tub in the middle of the large bathroom, the stall by the corner and a Jacuzzi at the other side. I decided to take a shower first before going down to meet Hunter. Grin!

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