Chapter 11

I got dressed in a floral free gown. The length was a bit over my knee but nice and still decent. At least the gown didn't have a low cut or anything. I'm surprised Ash even has a floral gown.

I packed my hair up in one breezy ponytail and decended downstairs. The sweet smell of food led me all the way to the kitchen and I stopped in my tracks when I saw Hunter cooking. He even had on an apron. I chuckled.

"So you cook?" I came and sat by the counter looking at the already made dishes on the table.  Pastrami on Rye, black and white cookies, , Bagel and cream cheese.

"Yeah" he replied and placed a plate of creamed cheese in front of me. I inhaled the sweet aroma that suddenly made my  tummy growl. "You better take care of that" Hunter grinned.

I served myself some Pastrami and then stuffed my mouth. I won't deny, this is good food. At Ash's place, sphagetti and meatballs were the common. On some evenings, we'll have tacos.

"You should view the garden once your done eating"Hunter said slicing through the comfortable silence that was in the room. My mouth was too full to talk so I nodded.

I swallowed harshly. "Sure sure. "

"And .... I'll like to take you shopping tomorrow morning" his voice didn't sound demanding or anything but it had that firm tone to it.

"You don't have to do that"

"If your going to act like a billonaires wife, you might as well dress the part" he stated. True but...

"I'm no billonaires wife, Hunt".   I downed the carton of fruit juice I saw on the counter and then I winced when I noticed there was a glass cup nearby. Good one Elaine. You've really outdone yourself this time!..I looked at Hunter and he was smiling at me. Dang! He saw that. But he didn't seem to mind though. I brushed my shoulder and sat upright.

"Well, we want them to think that right?" He asked while scratching behind his neck.

"Yeah but..."

"Don't fight me on this one. Please" he begged.

"You've already done enough. I mean, you bought this whole damn mansion just for an act. Who does that!" I flung my hands around in demonstration.

"It was nothing" he shrugged.

"Nothing huh? Is there something you want to tell me? Why are are you even helping me?" My tone was getting higher than I wanted it to now.

"Because I want to help!"

"That's not enough reason" I shook my head in a whisper.

"Just let me help you"

I sighed. I'll never understand why he's doing all this but its got to be more than just caring. And I'm going to find out. He's hiding something from me. I dabbed my mouth with the table napkin. For once, showing the lady side of me.

"I'll be in the garden" I say and got up. Hunter didn't say a word, just watched as I pushed through the huge back door and walked out.

The summer air quickly whipped around me flinging my hair to my face and I brushed it back. The sun wasn't too hot today but enough to allow one shed their skin into liquids.

The white roses drew my attention and in seconds, I was kneeling over them and inhaling their sweet scent. I took a walk round the garden to discover a gazebo at the corner, well designed with pink flowers round it. A table sat in the middle. To the left side of the garden was a gigantic pool and from there, you could overlook the mountains and trees. Captivating sight. I walked back to the white roses. I've always wanted to grow some of these.

"My bug! It flew away!" A tiny voice caught my attention. I flung my head to the direction the voice came from. From the other side of my garden fence was an older lady trying to comfort a little girl with  dark strawberry hair. Autumn! And she was crying.

My heart ached as I walked over to the fence to get a good look at her. She looked so beautiful in her garden jeans and tucked in yellow shirt that has ladybug  printed all over it.

"We'll get you another bug" said the older lady. From my recent research on the Rivera family, I know her to be Nicole. Ethans younger Brother's wife.

She knelt to the height of Autumn and I was trapped between running to hug my daughter and just staring so I did neither when I spoke out.

"Hello there, Neighbor!" I called out. Both heads turned to me.

The older lady waved as she skipped over to me in a bunchy red gown.

"Oh hi... you must be new here. I heard a new Neighbor moved by" she smiled.

"Indeed. I and my husband just moved in yesterday" I returned the smile. I peeked over at the little girl hoping for an introduction. Anything to just say a word to her. Nicole shrugged.

"Ah! That's Autumn. She's my husband's niece" she said and bellowed the girl to come over. My heart raced faster as she shyly walked to us. "she's usually shy around people" Nicole said.

The little girl grabbed her aunt's knee length gown. "Say hi to our neighbour"

"Hi" Autumn finally glanced my way and she smiled. "Nice to meet you" she stretched out her tiny hands and I took it.

"Nice to meet you as well" I say fighting a tear from falling from my eyes.

Nicole kissed the girl's cheek and beckoned her to run along and she did. I watched her until she disappeared into the house, then I blinked.

"Little Autumn here lost her dad some few years back" she said and I sensed a hint of sadness but I know better. "I and my husband are trying to adopt her"

I licked my lips calming my nerves from exploding. "What about her mom?"

"She died too. Some months back. She was never really good for Autumn anyway" Nicole said and I winced. How dare she decide what's good for my daughter and what's not good!!

"There you are" Hunter said. He came and stood beside me. His arms went round my waist and pulled me near him. I looked at Nicole and she was smiling at us.

"Good to see you Mr Grayson" she said to Hunter and For the hundredth time since I met Hunter, I froze. Why don't he just put me in a freaking iceberg!

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