Chapter 13

The fair bob lady in front of me kept trying to steal glances at Hunter. When she tried looking at our direction again, I scowled at her and she cleared her throat looking away.

We both stepped into Kennedy & Co boutique. The lady by the counter smiled at us and did a full glare at Hunter. Can I ever stop calling him that? His name is Lucas.

I glared at him and he wasn't even noticing all the attention seekers around him. His right hand was tangled with mine while the other punched into his phone. He's here with me beat that.... i grinned stupidly to myself.

"We're here" he suddenly announced beside me.

Once more, we're greeted with a fair blonde but this time, Lucas does seem to know her. He hugged her, kissing both her cheeks.

"Content de te re voir, Lucas" she grinned at him. While I never paid much attention during french class, now i wanted to gnaw my eyes out fo

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