Chapter 14

Staring at the woman in the mirror was just as inspirational as any motivation I could ever need. Myself. The Cocktail dress I and Jacq finally picked out was as dashing as ever on me. On the hanger it looked pretty and all but wearing it now, I feel powerful. Intimidating.

It was a red Sheath/ column off-the shoulder Assymetrical cocktail dress, with sequins. Jacq finalised the entire dress with a pearl earring and diamond necklace.

"Make sure to not loose this" she said pointing to my neck. I stared at the necklace through the mirror as it shone like thousands of diamonds. It wasn't huge or anything but looked simple and intimidating as ever.

"Why? Has he got his family fortune on it" I said with a grin but Jacq shook her head. "So what?"

She pushed my cheek gently to the side applying a little rosy blush to my cheek making me look plush.

"You wanna know what's on your neck?"she asked st

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