~ Chapter 16 ~

My dark mood was suddenly brightened up when I saw Autumn. She was in a pink flowery dress with black flats. Her short bangs were parked in a tight bun, I feared it'd wound her scalp but she looked neat and lovely.. She took her seat opposite me and next to Nicole.

I watched her as she focused on the napkin in front of her before her eyes darted to me and she smiled.

"Hello" she said in a shy manner. I squeezed my hands together under the table and took deep breaths before replying.

"Hi little one. Nice to see you again" I smiled lovingly at her.

"Likewise" she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ears before looking at her aunt. She's grown so much.

I can't believe I'm sitting with my daughter right now. She looks happy to be around people but bored at the same time.

I spotted Diana coming over with her husband Ryan. She had smiles all over her face as she talked with

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