Chapter Two

Waking up in my own home didn't surprise me. He had probably dropped my off early this morning. Stretching and cracking my bones, I grumbled a groan of soreness. The brushes lining my arms were a deep purple-pink color. I sluggishly slip into the bathroom with a wide yawn. Unzipping the ripped summer dress that hung off my body I sadly threw it away.

I liked that dress.

The shower was never warm. Even when I pleaded for it to warm my aching bones. Time after time I received ice-cold water that crashed down my shoulders. Choosing an outfit blind, I fling my wet hair out of my face and fall backward on the warn couch. Mom looked up quickly from her recliner with wide eyes that were edging with tears.

"Mom?" I spun over onto my stomach to look at her. She nervously played with her hair and searched for something else to look up. She got restless enough to stand up and flatten her clothes.

"Are you okay?" She twisted her hair and chuckled lightly.

"What? Of course, I'm okay!" She froze when I pulled her into a hug. She went limp in my arms.

"What's up?" I asked softly. 

"I'm just so worried about you Nikki," she gave in and buried her crying eyes into my shoulder. I pull her back and planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Let's make some breakfast-" before I could finish my sentence, the door slammed open. The same man as yesterday in the doorway. 

"Nicole." He ordered me. I hesitated but sighed in defeat and kissed my mom's cheek.

"Be careful," she whispered painfully. 

"I always am." I turned and walked toward the car. He shoved me into the back with a click of his tongue. 

"You should be happy Alpha Kane even looks at you." He glared at me through the review mirror. My rage boiled up and a growl slipped through my lips. His brows rose and the car slammed to a stop. He reached back and slapped me with a growl of his own.

"Watch it bi*ch." He spat in my direction before pulling into Alpha Kane's house. He yanked me out of the back even rougher than yesterday and drug me up the stairs. Plopping me on the front door matt, he rang the doorbell and waited till Alpha Kane opened the door to leave. I pouted with my arms crossed in front of him. He chuckled and pulled me to his feet. He was being surprisingly gentle which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He walked ahead of me when we reached the living room. He walked toward the doll standing in the center and wrapped his arm around her.

"Mia, this is the Omega." Then I realized the doll was real when she sneered in my direction. I cringed in her direction and looked back at Kane for an explanation. 

"This is your new Luna," he answered. My jaw dropped open while I stare at the little space between the two of them. Kane's eyes lit with amusement when I growled lowly. 

"And I need to meet her, why?" I snapped. Mia hissed but Kane just smirked.

"Disrespectful." Mia spat at me and turned to Kane with gooey eyes.

"I slept with him," I said bluntly. Both their eyes widen. Mia's lips parted and his brows pulled down in anger. I sped toward the elevator and turned just in time to watch a hand grab the closing door. The doors slid back open to reveal a steaming Kane. He stepped in and let the doors shut behind him. 


He smacked his hand onto the side of my face. I cried in pain and looked back with fearful eyes.

"You need to learn to stick a muzzle on it, slut." He spat at my feet, I whined and bowed my head. He cut my apology off.

"But that was sexy." He put his hands on either side of my head, pressing against me. I looked up at him confused.

"You've got to be joking!" I groaned. He smashed his lips to mine and demanded me to kiss him back.

"Good girl," he whispered when I didn't shove at him. The doors binged then opened to a crowd of people. No one entered. The doors opened and he finally let me out of his grasp.

"Jerk," I mumbled. He growled and went to pounce at me but the doors shut in his face. The elevator path was made of glass. I chuckled when I saw his fuming face. I blew him a kiss to which he smiled. I ambled home. Mom was sure to be worried but the air smelt really good today. When people started to throw stones at me, I figured it was time to go home. She jumped up when I walked in. The door stuttered in pain. She pulled me away from the door as if someone was going to snatch me away again.

"Are you alright?" Her voice was breathy while she inspected the yellowing bruises on my arms. She limped back to get a better view. I grabbed her to support all her weight while searching for the reason for the limp. The bottom of her pant leg was crusty with dried blood. I help her to her chair.

"What happened?" I hissed while attempting to roll up her pants. She waved me off and went to stand again. 

"Nothing dear I'm fi-"

"Bullshit," I said through my teeth, she looked back with wide eyes. I grab her shoulder and pull her back to the chair. Rolling up the pant leg, there was a long gash along her calf. I rush to grab the aid kit.

"What happened?" I pushed again. She sighed and rubbed the sweat beading down her forehead away. 

"A warrior used me for some training." She shrugged and hissed while I dabbed at her wound. I growled under my breath. The respect in this town is equivalent to a piece of dirt. I wrap it in gauze and lay a kiss to it. Then I turned to the kitchen which had her freaking out.

"What are you doing?" She asked hysterically and attempted to get up. 

"Making lunch," she tries to tell me off.

"No, no dear I've got it!" I raise my other hand while adding some seasoning. She hesitates before falling back into her chair. After eating the meal I had made we had a light-hearted conversation and she told me another story about my dad. Without thinking about it, we were watching our favorite show. We both started to ball our eyes out when our favorite character dies.

"No!" I cry out, we hold each other as we grieve. Around 6:00 I had the urge to run. I hadn't stretched my wolf bones for awhile. My wolves name was Victoria, she was a petite black wolf with a large white patch that covered most of her back.

She greeted me coldly. We didn't get along much. "she didn't like being an omega." Like I enjoyed it either. I greet her back warmly but she only rolls her eyes. I ran through my favorite trail to the top of the cliff the hung out over a large lake being over flooded by a waterfall. I huff and fall to my stomach. Running didn't make me tired but I was exhausted. I watched the water cascaded down onto the rocks, staining them darker. I itched to jump off the cliff to go for a swim a twist in my stomach has me pausing. The hair on the back of my neck stand up and Victoria turned restlessly. I barked out a hello and searched the line of trees. 

Then Alpha Kane's scent hit my nose. I spun and lept from the cliff, diving for the protection of the dark water. The underwater world was thriving, the sun warming up the under life. I swim under the waterfall and search for shelter. Shaking my fur I listen from behind a collection of rocks. On the other side of me was an opening covered in vines. Only the other side of the thick wall of vegetation was the forest. If he happens to find me, I'll book it.

"You're sure she is here?" He snapped. 

"She went this way Alpha, I'm sure of it," Kane growled at the person and I listened to them scamper off.

"Nicole?" His voice echoed off the walls of the cave. My hair rose again when I felt eyes on my back. But my stomach twisted in excitement. I turned and searched for someone, coming up empty.

"If you're in here, come on out," I crouch further into the rocks and sway my tail in annoyance. Does this guy have commitment issues our something? I could've thought for sure when he got his mate, I'd be off the hook. My tail knocks a pebble toward the water, I reached to catch it but it bounced off my paw. The rocks collided with the water, making a splash. Alpha Kane's head snapped in the direction of the noise.

"Hiding are we?" His voice dripped sickly with excitement and mischief. 


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two chapters in and I'm already getting annoyed with the misspellings and typos
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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
am excited to read the next chapter.
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I mean what the hell man Victoria all you are gonna end up doing is get Nicole and her Mom hurt

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