Chapter Three

My breath catches in my throat. I slowly walk around the rock while he comes around the other side. He jerks his head toward the spot where I had just been. He inhales deeply then chuckles under his breath.

"Nicole, come on out." I sunk into the darkness, my black fur making me as translucent as the shadows. A low growl came from the back entrance of the cave, I turned to find the source of it.

"Found you!" I yelp as he grabs the scruff of my neck like a mamma dog would her pup. He lifted me off the hard flooring and to face level with him.

"Victoria! Hey!" I don't shift very often so he was surprised to see me. I pulled my lips over my teeth but it didn't phase him. 

"Shift." He growled. When I had sifted he shoved me against the rock wall, his eyes twinkling in amusement. I squirmed away from his hold but he didn't budge.

"So, you like Mia?" He said with a dangerous smirk. I growled and sunk my teeth into his hand. Retracting my fangs I take a run for it. He gripped his hand between his legs and cursed loudly. I dived into the water and swam as deep as I could. A fish swam from under me, waved awkwardly. The fish, startled, swam off quickly. In its place was one of the rarest creates on Earth. There, staring at me in confusion, was a mermaid. She had long peach-orange hair and a tail the color of the perfect honey sunset. 

"Shift." He growled, I sighed and slipped into my body. He pushed my naked body against a rock and his eyes twinkled with excitement. I squirm against his hold, trying to push him away.

"Are you alright ma'am?" Her voice was clear even through the water. I pointed toward the surface and she quickly found Kane searching the water for me. 

"He can't find you?" She put together. My lungs burned while I nodded. I started swimming toward the surface for air but she grabbed my ankle and tugged me back down. Panic overwhelmed me until she laid her lips to mine and blew air into my lungs. I nodded and apology before we both waited for him to disappear. Once we broke the surface I sucked in a needy breath of fresh air. I turned to the beautiful woman.

"Thank you so much," I grabbed her hands and bowed slightly to her. "I'm Nicole." 

"Coral," she greeted back. I step out of the lake and shake off the water.

"Is there any way I can repay you?" I turned back to look at her. She was about to speak but her face flashed panic and she disappeared. 

"There you are." He said in my ear. Grabbing my hips, he spun me around and toward over me. His eyes were lit on fire as he lifted me and carried me to a flattish rock. Kissing me roughly he attempted to undress me but I hissed.

"Here?!" I screeched. He nodded and climbed on top of me. My shoving did little to him.

"The Willard's need a baby sitter." He stated coldly as he walked away from me buttoning up his shirt.

"Asshole," I snap under my breath. I grab fistfuls of my hair and dare to rip them from their roots. But I took a deep breath and made my way to the Willard's barefoot and we-headed. Waiting a few seconds after knocking on their tall door, Mrs.Willard threw it open. 

"Took you long enough." She wrapped her hand in my hair and drug me into the living room. Mr.Wilard sneered in my direction when she dropped me on the floor.

"You could have at least cleaned up." He stood over top of me with anger induced eyes. I stared into the carpet. 

"We'll be home in two hours," Mrs.Willard said while setting down her twin pups. As soon as the door was shut the pups began to bounce across the walls. The female pup got her long blonde curls stuck inside a cabinet and yipped in pain. Her identical twin brother came to her rescue. 

"Dakota! Sara!" I scream when they started to tear things out of the cabinet. Swooping up Dakota, I reach for the other twin but miss.

"Let go of me, slave!" He smacks and pulls at my hair. I growl and pull his grubby hands away from me, holding him at arm's length. I sit him in his chair at the table and finally catch Sara and sit her down as well. They started to cry and make a ruckus causing me to roll my eyes. I reach into the fridge and grab their pre-made dinner. They eat peacefully until flips her bowl and chuckles at my angered face. The food poured over the table and onto the floor. 

"That's it!" I grab both of them and pull them up the stairs. I placed them both in their beds.

"Is it bedtime?" Sara asked confused, grabbing at her blanket. I walk across the room and rest my hand on the light switch.

"Yes." I bark and go to walk out.

"But you gotta read a story!" Dakota called out. I sigh and walk back into the room with a fake smile. Grabbing a random book I crisscross on the floor in between their beds.

"Once upon a time, there was a kitty cat." I start, they both crawl under their blankets and get comfortable.

"The kitty cat was very jealous of the doggy's because they weren't scared of the outdoors like she was." Dakota ripped out a loud yawn that became to infectious to Sara then me. 

"One day, mommy kitty told her she could go outside. But she was afraid. Mommy said, "you have to face your fears if you wanna feel free." I stuttered to a stop and sink as I close the book. I look toward the kids to find them sound asleep. I pushed myself off the ground and placed the book on the shelf. I had always wanted pups. Even though the two pups had pushed all my buttons, I couldn't help but smile. 

I couldn't help but thank the gods that these two weren't mine.

But as an Omega, it is illegal for me to bear children. The broke my heart when I found out. I began to clean up the horrible mess in the dining room and after that, I hugged my knees on the couch with a sigh. I wasn't sure how long I had been sitting there when the door slammed open for the two parents of the demon children.

"Where are my baby's!" I jump up and walked toward them.

"They're asleep!" I whispered and pushed a finger to my lips to signal them to be quiet. Mr.Willard was enraged by this and slapped me.

"Don't you tell us to be quiet! Get out!" His growl followed me out of the house. I scamper back home, only to find the living room. I peek my head into her room to find her curled up. I smiled and pulled the cover over her. I brushed her hair out of her face and kiss her cheek. Her eyes stuttered open.

"Nicole?" She smiled softly and grabbed my hand to kiss each of my knuckles.

"Goodnight momma," she nodded weakly. I made it to my room just in time to collapse on my bed. I stare up at the ceiling and let my mind wander. What would I be if I had it all? 

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