Chapter Five

I cowered away from him and pushed myself into the dusty floor. I bowed and whimpered for mercy. Victoria scoffed at me but I didn't acknowledge her, his anger issues could skyrocket at any moment and kill me. I couldn't leave my mother alone.

"Nicole. You need better control over your wolf. If she acts out like that again..." he trailed off. He lifted his paw to the bottom of my chin, he lifted my head up to me his bared teeth.

"I will not be so kind." He stuck his claw into the side of my cheek and slowly drug it down to my jaw, leaving a slice in its path. I whimpered and pulled away from his paw. I felt the blood drip down my chin. 

"Now run home. Clean yourself up and have a chat with your wolf. I will see you tomorrow." He snapped then skipped off, his eyes on full alert and his wound already a long pink scar. 

"Victoria," I whispered but she looked away, ashamed. I sigh and attempt to stand but

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Monic Okpara
I hate it when I read a book where an omega is treated like shit it's so not nice and it's always a female omega that suffers this unfairness
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I don’t like this mysterious runaway wolf/mate what’s his game
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m reading onward cause I think it will get better. So far it’s quite depress. Some of these Alphas are just assholes

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