Chapter Six

Rolling over I'm stopped by something hard. I groggily groan and sniff the air to smell who was sitting in my way. My body tenses when I realized I didn't recognize the smell of an ocean breeze. The smell was intoxicating.

"Mate!" Victoria screamed. My breath hitched in my lungs. She's joking. She's got to be. But that would explain the electricity sparkling through me. The person rose to their feet, the bed dipped back to its place. I kept my composure and waited for the person to leave. No one is in my room. No one is in my room. No one is in my room- A warm hand grazed over my cheek, leaving sparks in its path. My cheek tingled. My lungs failed me but I attempted to act as if I was still asleep. My heart was crashing against my ribs, I'm sure whoever was with me could hear it. Just when I thought they would leave, a pair of the softest lips laid to my forehead. My breathing and heartbeat stopped in sync. The blood froze in my veins. An unknown feeling filled me. Like seein

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Comments (4)
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Bella Jersey
Something is bothering Nicole. I think it’s wonderful if Nicole’s mom got a second chance mate
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cookie gatcha
I love a errors, but love it
goodnovel comment avatar
Kristin Smith
So far a good story. A lot of spelling and grammar errors

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