Chapter Seven

It didn't take long -thank god- till I swooped up a dress. Just a short navy blue dress that made my olive skin-pop. Even with the casual look, I went for, mom insisted on going all out. She yanked a floor-length sheer black dress, under it was a smaller black dress to keep the goods hidden. We both pull on some flats and amble out of the store. Mom had a skip in her step. I don't know if it was due to Zane or if she thinks that because we have a Luna, the Alpha might leave me alone. I already knew that statement was false. We climbed in the car and waited for Zane who was still in the store paying for our outfits. I did mom's make up, though she didn't use it often she used it for "special occasions." Zane walked out of the store, still putting his card int

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Yrenna Villegas
Zane seems like a nice guy, but at the end he's also part of the problem, he's basically a bystander.
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Bella Jersey
How embarrassing he made her wear dog collars

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